junge AG invites to summer school 2023

We are almost there: we are happy to announce that following the success of the last summer and winter school, the second junge AG summerschool will take place in Bamberg! The school will be hosted by the Dr. Karl Remeis-Observatory in the beautiful town of Bamberg on the 8th and 9th of July 2023.

Up to 30 young AG-members can participate. During the school the participants will get acquitted with the different areas of astronomy in Germany. Tutorials on eROSITA data, as well as talks about the Vera C. Rubin observatory will be offered, giving the young astronomers some insight into the data of these observatories. Also there will be talks on jobs in astronomy and related areas. The AG Kolloquium will also take place in person during this event, therefore, participants are encouraged to submit possible contributions.

Of course a tour of the historic observatory as well as a little sight-seeing of the world heritage town of Bamberg must not be missing in the program! "We are very happy that the junge AG summerschool can take place in Bamberg. The jAG schools are a great opportunity to gain some insight into the field of astronomy. Especially for young astronomers this format is greatly suited for networking. We are thankful to the Dr. Karl Remeis-Observatory for making this event possible.", says Markus Hundertmark initiator of the schools and head of the organizing committee.

Every student, PhD-candidate, and young PostDoc, who is also an AG-member, is welcome to attend. Non-members can also participate when signing a membership application (more information about memberships can be found here). In total 30 people can take part. Through the AG up to 80% of travel expanses can be covered if required. Applicants may hand in the travel grant application.

It will be possible to register up to 10 days prior to the school. However, if travel expanses are supposed to be covered the registration has to be submitted until 26th of May including the application form. Registration will be via e-mail to jag@astronomische-gesellschaft.de, and must contain the full name, current affiliation, position (e.g. first year PhD student) and possible dietary requirements.

Further information will be send to the participants at a later time. In case you have questions please contact: office@astronomische-gesellschaft.de.