Awards by the AG

The Astronomische Gesellschaft awards the Karl Schwarzschild Medal to recognize outstanding scientific contributions. The awarding of the medal is accompanied by the Karl Schwarzschild Lecture held at the scientific annual meeting and their publication by the AG.

The Astronomische Gesellschaft awards honorary membership to persons to recognize individuals for their exceptional service to the Society.

Honorary members of the AG (since):

  • Rudolf Kippenhahn (2016)
  • Klaus Tschira (2011)
  • Hans-Heinrich Voigt (2007)
  • Reimar Lüst (1998)
  • Martin Schwarzschild (1993)
  • Erich Kirste (1992)
  • Wilhelm Becker (1992)
  • Albrecht Unsöld (1989)

The Ludwig Biermann Award was established in 1988 by the Astronomische Gesellschaft to be awarded in recognition of outstanding young astronomers. The award consists of financing a scientific stay at an institution of the recipient's choice.

The AG awards the Bruno H. Bürgel Prize for excellent popular representations of the latest results in the field of astronomy in German in the media (e.g. print, radio and TV).

The AG awards the Hans-Ludwig Neumann Prize for an outstanding didactical work on astronomical education at school.

The AG awards the Doctoral Thesis Award to a young astronomer for the best PhD thesis of the past year.

The AG awards the Instrument Development Award for design, development, construction and/or significant extension of an astronomical instrument that led to remarkable progress in astrophysical research.

The AG awards the Astrophysical Software Award for design and development of astrophysical computer programs that led to remarkable progress in astrophysical research.

The AG promotes pupils as part of the Jugend forscht (Youth's Research) Award and invites the German winners of the Earth/space science section to the following scientific meeting including trophy money.