Travel Grants awarded by the Astronomische Gesellschaft

The promotion fund of the AG supports young astronomers, who do not have a full-time position, with travel grants. This applies to travels for cooperation with other institutions for attending conferences, in the case of a particular scientific purpose and being worth a sponsorship (travels to mere institutional colloquium lectures or to schools can only be supported in exceptional cases).

  • In principle, travels to conferences are only promoted, if the sponsored person was waived from fees and makes an own scientific contribution.
    At AG meetings recipients of travel grants should first pay the conference fee while registering under usual conditions. The fee will be refunded along with the travel grants.
  • Every member of the AG can file an application; proposals must be signed by the respective head of the institution giving detailed information on why the person proposed deserves support. Non-members need the proposal from one of the institutions publishing in the "Mitteilungen der AG".
  • Applications have to be filed to the Treasurer (→ Ex.Committee) in writing. The forms (in German) can be requested there or be downloaded here as PDF(PDF).
    They have to be proposed ad personam and to be received filled put completely (including brief but significant reasons) six weeks before the planed travel date at the latest.
    The Executive Committee asks for understanding that applications without reasons or accumulative proposals can not be handled.
  • Due to time constraints, the Executive Committee is not able to investigate air/train costs. They must be specified in the application.