Working Groups

Members of the AG are actively involved in various working groups and committees pursuing socially and scientifically relevant topics:

The Education Committee of the German Astronomical Society is committed to advancing high-quality education in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. It actively promotes the exchange of information within relevant networks (opinion leaders, research clusters, state institutes, etc.). The committee also supports the organisation of workshops and continuing education events for university teachers in the areas of physics, astronomy and related subjects.

The AG’s “AstroFrauenNetzwerk” for female astronomers mainly comprises women with a PhD in Astrophysics who are pursuing a professional career in astrophysics. The AstroFrauenNetzwerk supports the exchange of information and knowledge between women in astronomy. Its goals are to increase the visibility of women who already work in astrophysics and to raise the general interest of women and girls in astrophysics.

The AG’s History of Astronomy Working Group comprises astronomers and AG members with a background in history or cultural history of astronomy who are united by their common interest in this topic. The working group issues publications, organises meetings, establishes contacts and collects information on all areas of the history of astronomy, as well as on related disciplines such as the history of geosciences, physics and mathematics.

The AG's Working Group "young AG" comprises young astronomers (students and early postdocs) and facilitates their exchange in particular with respect to teaching, jobs and the structure of astronomical research in AG countries. Moreover, the portfolio of initiatives offers an annual splinter meeting, recurring colloquia and summer/winter schools.