Structure and Contact

Managing Board   (2023 to 2025)*

President:  N.N.;    email: 

Secretary:  Dr. Panagiotis Kitmeridis;    email:

Treasurer: Regina Umland, Mannheim;    email:

Secretary for Public Relations:  link to external page  Prof. em Dr. Gudrun Wolfschmidt

A detailed description of the organizational structure of the working group is given in  link to PDF document  Mitteilungen Nr. 36  (in German).
 *) The election took place on September 17, 2022;   see   pdf Mitteilungen Nr. 53  (in German)

Management of the Web Pages

Dr. Helmut Steinle;   email:

 URL:  interner Verweis


Bank Accont of the Working Group

Acct # 334 215 53, Sparkasse Bochum (BLZ 430 500 01)
IBAN: DE37 4305 0001 0033 4215 53, BIC: WELADED1BOC
Please sign all bank transfers with: "Fuer Arbeitskreis Astronomiegeschichte"


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