Recipients of the Hans Ludwig Neumann Award

Year Recipient Institute
2022 Manuel Vogel Gymnasium Spaichingen

He teaches mathematics and science at the Gymnasium Spaichingen, is educational director on the board at the student research center Südwürttemberg and, as site manager in Tuttlingen, supervises courses and projects for students in the field of astronomy. Manuel Vogel writes for the German astronomy didactic magazine Astronomie+Raumfahrt, is a member of a team of authors for the Klett MINT / Baden-Württemberg Foundation, and regularly takes on the leadership of advanced training courses on the topic of "research and invention". He has also worked as a supervisor for schoolchildren who have won Jugend forscht awards. Most recently, he supervised the state winner of Baden-Württemberg. As the German SOFIA ambassador for schools, Manuel Vogel was part of the team of teachers at the flying observatory the SOFIA and reported on it in Astronomie+Raumfahrt.

2016 Dr. Michael Geffert Argelander-Institute, Bonn

…for his longtime commitment to astronomy education at schools. For decades, Dr. Michael Geffert has advocated further training of teachers regarding astronomy. For twenty years, he therefore has organized an annual advanced training course at the Argelander-Institut which has always been well received. Furthermore, Michael has shown unremitting dedication to imparting astronomical knowledge to students of all ages by hosting about 1500 events at schools (“Astronomie vor Ort”), frequently organizing a “Kinderuni” (Children’s University), supervising about 150 student interns and intensive involvement with other events of the University of Bonn.

His work for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 included not only the coordination of German activities, but also more than 100 own events. In the past three decades, Michael has delivered about 400 public lectures and got approximately 25000 people enthusiastic about astronomy with guided tours at the Observatory Hoher List. In addition, he hosted various events connecting astronomy with music and modern art.
2011 Dr. Olaf Fischer MPIA, Heidelberg
…for outstanding educational works for astronomy education in school.
2007 Dr. Cecilia Scorza de Appl Heidelberg
…for her unremitting commitment to imparting astronomical knowledge to students and teachers as well as editing multiple educationally outstanding astronomy books for children.
2002 Michael Winkhaus Wuppertal
… for his paper “Aufnahme und Analyse von Sternspektren im projektorientierten Unterricht einer Oberstufen-Astronomie-AG unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Schülermotivierung“ in which he succeeded at teaching challenging astronomical topics in school and elaborating the relation between physics and astrophysics by the educational approach of letting the students decide all stages.
2000 Dr. Klaus Lindner Leipzig
…for decades of dedicated work as a teacher for astronomy, his unremitted commitment to astronomical-educational research and significant work in elaborating curricula and educational material. Thus he shaped astronomy education and gave impulses for astronomy education in the former west Germany. 
1998 OStR Lutz Laepple Baindt
… for his outstanding commitment as a teacher at the secondary school in Weingarten, his speeches at teacher training events and many educational publications in the journal “Sterne und Weltraum”. All of his work is directed to immediately be implemented in education at schools in order to introduce as many students as possible to astronomy.
1996 Hans Junker Cölbe
… for planning a path in Marburg for teaching blind persons about planets which he implemented together with partly blind students.  The unusual and interdisciplinary project has also promoted astronomical general education by being carried out in a public space and introduces the public to the school’s work.