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*                      Number 40, April 17, 2000                          *
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1. Meeting announcement:
   Joint Discussion 6 on "Applied Historical Astronomy"

2. Colloquium "International Relations in Astronomy"

3. Conference announcement:
   The Fourth International Conference on Oriental Astronomy

4. Conferences 2000/2001

5. New Books



Item 1                                          ENHA No. 40, April 17, 2000

Meeting announcement

XXIV General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union

Joint Discussion 6 on "Applied Historical Astronomy"

Manchester, UK, August 11, 2000

(From: "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 48,
7. April 2000, Item 3.)

Proposing Commission: C 41 (History of Astronomy)
Participating Commissions: 4 (Ephemerides), 19 (Rotation of the Earth), 20
(Positions and Motions of Minor Planets, Comets and Satellites)
Supporting Divisions: Division I (Fundamental Astronomy), Division II (The
Sun and Heliosphere), Division III (Planetary System Sciences)

Scientific Organizing Committee: Richard Stephenson (UK, Chair), S. Ansari
(India), S. J. Dick (USA), O. Gingerich (USA), M. Hoskin (UK), Nha Il-Seong
(South Korea), W. Orchiston (New Zealand), M. Standish (USA),
W. T. Sullivan III (USA), D. Yeomans (USA)

Editors of Proceedings: F.R. Stephenson & S.J. Dick

Contact address: F.R. Stephenson, Dept of Physics, University of Durham,
South Rd, Durham DH1 3LE, UK Tel.: +44 191 374 2153+;
Fax: +44 191 374 3749; e-mail: f.r.stephenson@durham.ac.uk


 a.m. Chair: Steven J. Dick
 9.00 Richard Stephenson (University of Durham). Overview
 9.20 David Brown. "Babylonian observations"
 9.40 Richard Stephenson (University of Durham). "East Asian observations"
10.00 Louay Fatoohi (University of Durham). "Arab observations"
10.20 Discussion
10.40 Coffee
11.00 "European observations"
11.20 Wayne Orchiston (New Zealand). "Southern Hemisphere Observations"
11.40 S.M. Razaullah Ansari (India). "Practical astronomy in Indo-Persian
12.00 Myles Standish (JPL). "Early observations and modern ephemerides"
12.20 Discussion
12.40 Lunch

 p.m. Chair: F. Richard Stephenson
14.00 Leslie Morrison (Former RGO). "Ancient eclipses and Earth's rotation"
14.20 Dennis McCarthy (USNO). "Earth orientation since AD 1600"
14.40 Donald Yeomans (JPL). "Ancient Chinese observations and modern
      cometary models"
15.00 Mark Bailey (Armagh Observatory). "Historical variability of the
      interplanetary complex"
15.20 Discussion
15.40 Tea
16.00 David Hughes (University of Sheffield). "Frequency of ancient
      cometary meteoroid observations"
16.20 Kenneth Schatten (Goddard SC). "Early telescopic sunspot records"
16.40 David Willis (Rutherford Appleton). "The historical record of
17.00 David Green (University of Cambridge). "Historical supernovae and
      their remnants"
17.20 Discussion
17.30 Close

The oral papers for JD6 are already set by invitation, but there is still
room for poster papers. Requests for poster papers should be sent to the
SOC Chair, F. Richard Stephenson.

For more information (conference fee, registration etc.), see the Web site
of the XXIVth IAU General Assembly: http://www.iau.org/ga24.html

Item 2                                          ENHA No. 40, April 17, 2000

Colloquium "International Relations in Astronomy"

(From: "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 47,
28. Januar 2000, Item 5. Translated by the editor.)

The next annual meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft will take place
from 18 to 23 September 2000 in Bremen and Lilienthal. The Working Group
for the History of Astronomy intends to hold a colloquium with the theme
"International Relations in Astronomy" on 18 September in Lilienthal.
Papers related to the place of the meeting or the time of Olbers, Schroeter
and Bessel are especially welcome.

Details on this colloquium will be published in Electronic Newsletter for
the History of Astronomy, in Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte No. 16
(June 2000) and in the Web page
http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~pbrosche/aa/bremen2000/index-e.html . 
Preliminary announcements of papers may already be sent to the conveners.


Dr. Guenther Oestmann
Universitaet Hamburg
Institut fuer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Mathematik und Technik
Bundesstr. 55
20146 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 42838-3579, Fax: (040) 42838-5260
e-mail: oestmann@math.uni-hamburg.de

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Wolfschmidt
Universitaet Hamburg
Institut fuer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, Mathematik und Technik
Bundesstr. 55
20146 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 42838-5262, Fax (040) 42838-5260
e-mail: wolfschmidt@math.uni-hamburg.de

Item 3                                          ENHA No. 40, April 17, 2000

Conference announcement

The Fourth International Conference on Oriental Astronomy (ICOA),
19-25 August 2001

(From: "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 48,
7. April 2000, Item 5.)

The ICOA is held once every three years, under the auspices of the
international Organising Committee of the International Conference of
Oriental Astronomy. The 1st ICOA (1993) was held in Korea, the 2nd (1995)
in China, and the 3rd (1998) in Japan.

The 4th ICOA will discuss scientific issues relating to the recent research
achievement in oriental astronomy. Besides historical topics, the
Conference will also deal with some other important issues. Such topics as
"Symposium on Zhang Heng", "Symposium on Astronomical Literacy and
Education" and other interdisciplinary studies are being considered.
Nanyang, as a historical cultural city of the state level and a
neighborhood to the ancient Chinese capital city Luoyang, is the hometown
of ancient Chinese scientist Zhang Heng (78-139) and one of the most
important windows of the Chinese Reformation and Opening. Nanyang enjoys
enchanting landscape, splendid culture, and rich resources. Foreign and
native guests attending the 4th ICOA in Nanyang will be genuinely welcomed.

I. Organisation

1. International Scientific Council, Chairman: Professor Xi Zezong,
President of the Society for History of Science & Technology of China,
Fellow of the Chinese Akademy of Sciences (CAS)

2. International Organising Committee, Chairman: Professor Il-Seong Nha,
Yonsei University, Korea; Vice Chairman: Professor Chen Jiujin, Vice
President of the Society for History of Science & Technology of China;
General Secretary: Dr. Lu Dalong, Institute for History of Natural
Sciences, CAS

3. Local Organising Committee, Chairperson: Mr. Zhang Zhongxiang, Honorary
President of Chinese Institute for Zhang Heng of Nanyang, Vice Governor of
Manyang; Vice-Chairperson: Mr. Zhao Xiqun, Deputy Director of Chinese
Institute for Zhang Heng of Nanyang; General Secretary: Mrs Liu Yongping,
General Secretary of Chinese Institute for Zhang Heng of Nanyang

II. Programme

1. Plenary Lectures

2. Regular Sessions
S1 Calendar Making
S2 Star Catalogues and Atlases
S3 Historical Records of Astronomical Observations
S4 Instrumentations including Armillary Spheres and Telescopes
S5 Observations and Astronomical Boards
S6 Exchange of Astronomical Knowledge

3. Symposia

The following topical symposia will be organised. Those who are interested
in participating are advised to contact the conference secretariat as soon
as possible.

Sym 1 Symposium on Zhang Heng
Sym 2 Symposium on Astronomical Literacy and Education

Other topics will be announced and detailed in the Second Circular.
Suggestions are welcome.

III. Registration Information

A. Registration Fee

Early registration (Prior to 30 April 2001)
Conference participant: US$ 200
Accompanying person: US$ 100
Student: US$ 100

For registration after 30 April 2001 an additional 15 % will be added.
Registration covers all conference sessions, lunches, teas and the opening
reception in August 2001. It does not include airfare, accommodation or
other meals.

B. Accommodation

The Conference will be held at a hotel with three stars in Nanyang. Details
will be announced in the Second Circular. A wide range of accommodation
suiting each budget is available in the Hotel.

C. Financial Aid

Limited financial assistance may be available for selected young
scholars/graduate students. Details and application form will be included
in the Second Circular.

IV. The official language of the Conference will be English.
Four Copies of the paper should be submitted to the Conference Secretariat
before 30 April 2001.

V. Important Dates

30 September 2000: Participants submit their abstract to the LOG.
Scientists who wish to organise a panel should submit their panel topic and
a brief abstract by this date.
31 January 2001: Particpants who have proposed their paper/panel topic will
be notified of the outcome.
The Second Circular and offical registration form will also be mailed
around this time to those who have returned the pre-registration form.
30 April 2001: Final date to register at reduced rates.

Conference Secretariat, Chinese Institute for Zhang Heng of Nanyang
Administration Building of People's Congress
People North Road, 473000
P.R. China
Tel. 0086-377-3311552, Fax 0086-377-3311302

[Text provided by Eckehard Schmidt, e-mail: eckehard@orion.franken.de]

Item 4                                          ENHA No. 40, April 17, 2000

Conferences 2000/2001

(From: "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 46,
6. Januar 2000, Item 5, and Nr. 47, 28. Januar 2000, Item 6. Partial
translations by the editor.)

Further conferences in the years 2000 and 2001 were reported in previous
issues of ENHA. For a complete list of all conferences announced see the
following URL:


March 3-5, 2000, Seattle, WA, USA
Prayer, Magic, and the Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World
An interdisciplinary symposium
Contacts: Dr. Scott Noegel, Department of Near Eastern Languages and
Civilization, Box 353120, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA,
Office: 206-543-3606, Dept: 206-543-6033, Fax: 206-685-7936
URL: http://faculty.washington.edu/snoegel/stars.html

April 7-8, 2000, Hamburg, Germany
The Popularization of Sciences, international Symposium on occasion of the
40th anniversary of the Institut fuer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften,
Mathematik und Technik; includes presentations on history of astronomy
Information: Gudrun Wolfschmidt, e-mail wolfschmidt@math.uni-hamburg.de

April 10-12, 2000, Leeds, UK
Science in the 19th-century Periodical: An Interdisciplinary Conference
Contact: Dr. J. R. Topham, School of Philosophy, University of Leeds,
LS2 9JT, UK, Email: j.r.topham@leeds.ac.uk

April 25-27, 2000, Leiden, The Netherlands
Looking Ahead In Wonder: From Comets To The Universe.
Oort Centenary Symposium
The program will focus on the areas of research to which Jan Oort himself
has made fundamental contributions, or in which he was specially
Contact: Janet Soulsby, Leiden Observatory, Postbus 9513,
NL 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands, Tel: 31 71 5275833, Fax: 31 71 5275819,
Email: oortsymp@strw.leidenuniv.nl
URL: http://www.strw.leidenuniv.nl/~oortsymp/

June 1-4, 2000, Bielefeld, Germany
Annual Meeting of the Sundial Group [Arbeitskreises Sonnenuhren] in the
German Chronometric Society [Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie]
Lectures, visit to a museum and excursion to sundials between Teutoburg
Forest and Weser.
Contacts: Klaus Eichholz, Zum Ruhrblick 5, D-44797 Bochum,
Tel. (0234) 793500, Fax 793554, e-mail Keichholz@t-online.de

August 21-23, 2000, Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK
P Cygni 2000: 400 Years of Progress
Contact: Mart de Groot, Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh,
BT61 9DG, Northern  Ireland, UK,
Tel: 44 28 37 522928, Fax: 44 28 37 527174, Email: mdg@star.arm.ac.uk
URL: http://www.arm.ac.uk/~mdg/

October 13-15, 2000, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
Meeting of the Antique Telescope Society
Contacts: John W. Briggs, Apache Point Observatory, Sunspot, NM 88349, USA,
tel. 505-437-6822, fax 505-434-5555, e-mail jwb@hale.yerkes.uchicago.edu

October 29-30, 2000, Tacoma, Washington, USA
One Hundred Years of the Quantum: From Max Planck to Entanglement 
Sessions: (1) historical perspectives on Planck's work and the early
development of quantum mechanics, (2) twentieth-century debates about
the interpretation of quantum mechanics, (3) new topics in quantum
physics, including quantum optics and quantum computing.
Deadline for submission of contributed papers: March 1, 2000
Deadline for registration: September 1, 2000
Contact: Prof. Alan Thorndike, Dept. of Physics, University of Puget
Sound, Tacoma, WA 98416, USA. (253) 879-3817, Email: thorndike@ups.edu

December 14-16, 2000, Berlin, Germany
Symposium on The Foundations of Quantum Physics before 1935
Contacts: Dr. Dieter Hoffmann, Max-Planck-Institut fuer
Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Wilhelmstr. 44, D-10117 Berlin,
e-mail dh@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de

February 19-23, 2001, Tenerife, Spain
Symposium Galileo 2001
Main themes: Galileo's Science, Galileo and the Church, The
Century of Galileo
Contacts: Orotava Canary Foundation for the History of Science,
Central Office of the Foundation, C/ Calvario 17, 38300 La Orotava, Spain,
Tel. 922 32 27 61, e-mail s_orotava@redestb.es
URL: http://www.iac.es/project/galileo/galileo.html

August 19-31, 2001, Hanoi, Vietnam
History of Geomagnetics, Solar-Terrestial Physics and Space Physics and
related disciplines 
Half-day session during the IAGA - IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly
The topics are the development of solar-terrestrial physics, space physics
and related disciplines during the last decades. It welcomes papers/posters
as biographical notes, research programs, international cooperation,
including all aspects of the problems of a general history of geosciences
and its related disciplines (physics, astronomy, geography, meteorology).
Contact: Dr. Wilfried Schroeder, Hechelstrasse 8, D-28777, Bremen, Germany
URL (for the Assembly): http://www.IAGAandIASPEI.org.vn/

Item 5                                          ENHA No. 40, April 17, 2000

New Books

(From: "Elektronische Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 45,
3. Oktober 1999, Item 6. Partial translations by the editor. Slightly

50 Jahre Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften.
[50 years Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. - In German]
Teil 1: Chronik der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der
Wissenschaften 1948-1998. Teil 2: Wissenschaftliche Mitglieder der
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften im Bild.
[Part 1: Chronicle of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of
Science 1948-1998. Part 2: Scientific members of the Max Planck Society
for the Advancement of Science in portraits.]
Im Auftr. v. Markl, Hubert. Teil 1 v. Henning, Eckart; Kazemi, Marion.
Teil 2 zus.-gest. v. Henning, Eckart; Ullmann, Dirk unter Mitarb. v.
Kazemi, Marion.
[On behalf of Markl, Hubert. Part 1 by Henning, Eckart; Kazemi, Marion. 
Part 2 compiled by Henning, Eckart; Ullmann, Dirk with participation of
Kazemi, Marion.]
Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1998. XX, 588; XIV, 766 p., ill., tabs.,
portraits, ISBN 3-428-09068-3, DM 148.00 (2 vols. hardbound in box)
[The first volume contains a list of dates compiled by the Archives of
the Max Planck Society, on the foundation of instituts, the opening
ceremonies, new buildings, changes of places, the election of members,
their leaving or death, the appointment of directors, etc. The volume
contains a comprehensive index. Vol. 2 contains 677 portraits and a
list of all members of the Society with short notices on the work in
the Society. - Among the instituts are also astronomical ones, and among
the members are also astronomers.]
   Review: M.Engel: Naturwiss. Rundschau 51 (1998) 9, 374-375

Andersen, Hans J.: Nordische Kalender-Astronomie. Fossum und die zwei
Sonnen. [Nordic calendrical astronomy. Fossum and the two suns. - In
German.] Lollschied: KULT-UR-INSTITUT fuer interdisziplinaere
Kulturforschung, 1995. 52 p., ISBN 3-929068-08-7, DM 18.00
(Imago Mundi - Stud.-H. ; 8)

Chapman, Allan: Dividing the circle. The development of critical angular
measurement in astronomy 1500-1850. Second edition. Chichester, New
York, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore: John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 215 p.,
ISBN 0-471-96169-8, GBP 24.95 (hb)
(Wiley-Praxis Series in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
[First edition in 1990.]
   Review:  D.W.Hughes: The Observatory 116 (1996) 1133, 247
   Review:  W.R.Dick: Astron. Nachr. 317 (1996) 6, 382
   Review:  H.Jahreiss: Sterne Weltraum 35 (1996) 12, 980-981

Chapman, Allan: The Victorian amateur astronomer : Independent
astronomical research in Britain 1820-1920.
Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 1998. xxii, 428 p., 17.5 x 24.5 cm,
ISBN 0-471-96257-0, GBP 40.00 (hb)
(Wiley-Praxis Series in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
   Review:  R.Argyle: The Observatory 119 (1999) 1151, 243-244
   Review:  P.D.Hingley: J. Brit. Astron. Assoc. 109 (1999) 4, 216

Dallal, Ahmad S.: An Islamic Response to Greek Astronomy / Kitab Ta'dil
Hay'at al-Aflak of Sadr al-Shari'a. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1995.
X, 461 p., ISBN 90-04-09968-9, HFl 200.00 (hb)
(Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science ; 23)

Humboldt, Alexander von: Briefe aus Amerika 1799-1804. [Letters from
America 1799-1804. - In German.] Ulrike Moheit (Ed.). Berlin:
Akademie-Verlag, 1993. 378 p., ISBN 3-05-001940-9, DM 154.00 (hb)
(Beitr. d. Alexander-von-Humboldt-Forsch. ; 16)
[Humboldt made also astronomical observations during his expeditions.]

Littmann, Mark: The heavens on fire : the great Leonid meteor storms.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998. x, 349 p., 25.5 x 18 cm,
ISBN 0-521-62405-3, $ 39.95, GBP 25.00 (hb)
[A chronology of modern Leonid history, beginning with the 1833 Leonid
   Review:  P.Brown: Sky & Telescope 96 (1998) 5, 79-80
   Review:  C.Steele: J. Brit. Astron. Assoc. 109 (1999) 2, 103
   Review:  R.M.Catchpole: The Observatory 119 (1999) 1150, 154

McBeath, Alastair: Sky Dragons & Celestial Serpents. London: Dragon's
Head Press, 1998. 72 p., 20.5 x 14.5 cm, ISBN 0-952-43873-9, GBP 4.99 (pb)
[Focuses on the mythological origins of the draconic or serpentine
constellations: Draco, Cetus, Serpens, and Hydra.
Distribution: Drogon's Head Press, PO Box 3369, London SW6 6JN, UK.
GBP 0.50 for post & packing.]
   Review:  J.Rogers: The Observatory 118 (1998) 1147, 383

Olson, Roberta J.M.; Pasachoff, Jay M.: Fire in the sky : Comets and
meteors, the decisive centuries in British art and science.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998. xiv, 369 p., 20.5 x 29 cm,
ISBN 0-521-63060-6, GBP 50.00, US$ 74.95 (hb)
   Review:  B.J.Peiser: Astronomy and Geophysics 39 (1998) 4, 4.35
   Review:  A.D.Morrison-Low: The Observatory 118 (1998) 1146, 323-324
   Review:  J.English: J. Roy. Astron. Soc. Can. 93 (1999) 1, 57

Reinke-Kunze, Christine: Alfred Wegener. Polarforscher und Entdecker der
Kontinentaldrift. [Alfred Wegener. Polar explorer and discoverer of the
continental drift. - In German.] Basel, Boston, Berlin: Birkhaeuser
Verlag, 1994. 189 p. + 8 p. with ill., 16 x 23 cm, ISBN 3-7643-2946-7,
DM 48.00 (hb)
[The book deals only briefly with Wegener's relations to astronomy.]
   Review:  L.Mersich: Arbeitskreis Geschichte der Geophysik in der
            Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft, Mitteilungen
            14 (1995) 1, 39
   Review:  M.Holl: Sternkieker 32 (1995) 1, 34-35

Schwarzinger, Karl: Katalog der ortsfesten Sonnenuhren in Oesterreich.
[Catalogue of the fixed sundials in Austria. - In German.] 2nd ed.
Wien: Oesterreichischer Astronomischer Verein, 1993. 144 p. Out of print.
[Information: Dipl.Ing. Karl Schwarzinger, Am Tigls 76a, 6073 Sistrans,
Austria, Tel.: 0512-78 868, e-mail: k.schwarzinger@tirol.com]

Sobel, Dava: Longitude. The true story of a lone genius who solved the
greatest scientific problem of his time. New York: Walker & Co., 1995.
viii, 184 p., bibliogr. references (p. 177-180), index,
ISBN 0-8027-1312-2, $ 19.00 (hb)
[An account of John Harrison (1693-1776) and the problem of navigation
at sea.]
   Review:  R.W.Sinnott: Sky & Telescope 92 (1996) 1, 60-61
Other editions:
New York: Penguin Books, 1996. ISBN 0-1402-5879-5, $ 10.95 (pb)
London: Fourth Estate, 1996. ISBN 1-85702-549-0
Isis Press, 1997. ISBN 0753150360, $ 15.90 (pb)

Sobel, Dava: Laengengrad. Die wahre Geschichte eines einsamen Genies,
welches das groesste wissenschaftliche Problem seiner Zeit loeste. 
[German translation of "Longitude" - see above.] Aus dem Amerikan. von
Mathias Fienbork. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1997.
238 p., 21 cm
[Licence edition from Berlin-Verlag, Berlin. For members only.]
Paperback edition:
Muenchen: Goldmann, 1998. 239 p., 11.5 x 18.5 cm, ISBN 3-442-72318-3,
DM 15.00 (btb Taschenbuch ; 72318)

Sobel, Dava; Andrewes, William J.H.: The illustrated longitude.
New York: Walker & Co., 1998. 216 p., ISBN 0-8027-1344-0, $ 32.95 (hb);
London: Fourth Estate. ISBN 1-85702-714-0, GBP 25.00 (hb)
[Contains the full text of Dava Sobel's "Longitude" (1995), illustrated
with nearly 200 pictures.]
   Review:  D.Wright: Astronomy and Geophysics 40 (1999) 1, 1.32

Sobel, Dava; Andrewes, William J.H.: Laengengrad - die illustrierte
Ausgabe. Die wahre Geschichte eines einsamen Genies, welches das groesste
wissenschaftliche Problem seiner Zeit loeste. [German translation of "The
illustrated longitude" - see above.] Aus d. Amerikan. v. Matthias
Fienbork u. Dirk Muelder. Berlin: Berlin Verlag Arno Spitz, 1999.
223 p., numerous ill., 24 cm, ISBN 3-8270-0324-5, DM 49.80 (hb)

Soemmering, Samuel Th.: Werke. Bd. 13: Schriften zur Physik und Chemie.
[Works. Vol. 13: Papers on physics and chemistry. - In German.]
Manfred Wenzel (Ed.). Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1993. 328 p.,
ISBN 3-437-11475-1, DM 148.00
[Contains also works on astronomy.]

Wickert, Johannes: Isaac Newton. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch
Verlag, 1995. 156 p., 11.5 x 19 cm, ill., ISBN 3-499-50548-7,
Paperback DM 12.90 (Rowohlts Monographien ; 548)
[Biography in German]



For information we thank: Steven J. Dick, Klaus Eichholz, Dieter
Hoffmann, Guenther Oestmann, Eckehard Schmidt, Karl Schwarzinger, Gudrun



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