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World Wide Web Services in the History of Astronomy

Lutz D. Schmadel: Minor Planet Names with Unknown Meaning

Robert J. Nemiroff: 75th Anniversary Astronomical Debate

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World Wide Web Services in the History of Astronomy

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Minor Planet Names with Unknown Meaning

By Lutz D. Schmadel, Heidelberg

In 1994 the second edition of my 'Dictionary of Minor Planet Names' [1] was
released. In the meantime other related facts contained in letters
obtained by me were also able to be put together. As of November 1994
there were 6160 numbered minor planets, of which 4741 (77.0%) had been
assigned a designated name. The meanings of 94.7% of all names are known,
and there are only a few cases in which the meaning is uncertain or
questionable. The remaining percentage of planets for which the meaning of
their names is completely unknown adds up to about 2.6% (122 planets).  In
this issue I would like to submit then the collective work done on this
subject by the readers of the 'Electronic Newsletter for the History of
Astronomy'. The following list contains numbers, names, and discovery
dates of these planets.  Please direct any further information to my
address at:

         Dr. L. D. Schmadel, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut,
         Moenchhofstr. 12-14, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany
         E-mail: S21@MVS.URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
[1] Schmadel, Lutz D.: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names.  
2nd rev. and enl. ed. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York etc.:
Springer-Verlag, 1994. Pp. IX, 741. ISBN 3-540-57260-0. DM 118.00

      Minor Planet Names with Unknown Meaning

       164 Eva              1876  P. P. Henry (Paris)
       177 Irma             1877  P. P. Henry (Paris)
       186 Celuta           1878  P. M. Henry (Paris)
       210 Isabella         1879  J. Palisa (Pola)
       223 Rosa             1882  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       245 Vera             1885  N. R. Pogson (Madras)
       252 Clementina       1885  J. Perrotin (Nice)
       262 Valda            1886  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       272 Antonia          1888  A. Charlois (Nice)
       276 Adelheid         1888  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       278 Paulina          1888  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       283 Emma             1889  A. Charlois (Nice)
       284 Amalia           1889  A. Charlois (Nice)
       285 Regina           1889  A. Charlois (Nice)
       291 Alice            1890  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       292 Ludovica         1890  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       294 Felicia          1890  A. Charlois (Nice)
       295 Theresia         1890  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       297 Caecilia         1890  A. Charlois (Nice)
       298 Baptistina       1890  A. Charlois (Nice)
       300 Geraldina        1890  A. Charlois (Nice)
       302 Clarissa         1890  A. Charlois (Nice)
       310 Margarita        1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       311 Claudia          1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       312 Pierretta        1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       314 Rosalia          1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       316 Goberta          1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       318 Magdalena        1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       319 Leona            1891  A. Charlois (Nice)
       331 Etheridgea       1892  A. Charlois (Nice)
       332 Siri             1892  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       337 Devosa           1892  A. Charlois (Nice)
       338 Budrosa          1892  A. Charlois (Nice)
       345 Tercidina        1892  A. Charlois (Nice)
       347 Pariana          1892  A. Charlois (Nice)
       351 Yrsa             1892  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       354 Eleonora         1893  A. Charlois (Nice)
       357 Ninina           1893  A. Charlois (Nice)
       360 Carlova          1893  A. Charlois (Nice)
       368 Haidea           1893  A. Charlois (Nice)
       375 Ursula           1893  A. Charlois (Nice)
       383 Janina           1894  A. Charlois (Nice)
       391 Ingeborg         1894  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       413 Edburga          1896  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       419 Aurelia          1896  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       435 Ella             1898  M. Wolf; A. Schwassmann (Heidelberg)
       436 Patricia         1898  M. Wolf; A. Schwassmann (Heidelberg)
       441 Bathilde         1898  A. Charlois (Nice)
       448 Natalie          1899  M. Wolf; A. Schwassmann (Heidelberg)
       450 Brigitta         1899  M. Wolf; A. Schwassmann (Heidelberg)
       453 Tea              1900  A. Charlois (Nice)
       481 Emita            1902  L. Carnera (Heidelberg)
       491 Carina           1902  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       509 Iolanda          1903  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       520 Franziska        1903  M. Wolf; P. Goetz (Heidelberg)
       522 Helga            1904  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       532 Herculina        1904  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       574 Reginhild        1905  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       575 Renate           1905  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       591 Irmgard          1906  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       599 Luisa            1906  J. H. Metcalf (Taunton)
       602 Marianna         1906  J. H. Metcalf (Taunton)
       610 Valeska          1906  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       611 Valeria          1906  J. H. Metcalf (Taunton)
       612 Veronika         1906  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       618 Elfriede         1906  K. Lohnert (Heidelberg)
       625 Xenia            1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       628 Christine        1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       629 Bernardina       1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       633 Zelima           1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       636 Erika            1907  J. H. Metcalf (Taunton)
       641 Agnes            1907  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       647 Adelgunde        1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       649 Josefa           1907  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       663 Gerlinde         1908  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       665 Sabine           1908  W. Lorenz (Heidelberg)
       667 Denise           1908  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       684 Hildburg         1909  A. Kopff (Heidelberg)
       685 Hermia           1909  W. Lorenz (Heidelberg)
       687 Tinette          1909  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       688 Melanie          1909  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       695 Bella            1909  J. H. Metcalf (Taunton)
       710 Gertrud          1911  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       795 Fini             1914  J. Palisa (Vienna)
       796 Sarita           1914  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
       802 Epyaxa           1915  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       817 Annika           1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       820 Adriana          1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       821 Fanny            1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       822 Lalage           1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       825 Tanina           1916  G. N. Neujmin (Simeis)
       826 Henrika          1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       833 Monica           1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       835 Olivia           1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       838 Seraphina        1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       842 Kerstin          1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       845 Naema            1916  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       860 Ursina           1917  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       868 Lova             1917  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       873 Mechthild        1917  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       882 Swetlana         1917  G. N. Neujmin (Simeis)
       891 Gunhild          1918  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
       969 Leocadia         1921  S. I. Belyavskij (Simeis)
      1015 Christa          1924  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1043 Beate            1925  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1049 Gotho            1925  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1050 Meta             1925  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1053 Vigdis           1925  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
      1109 Tata             1929  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1156 Kira             1928  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1169 Alwine           1930  M. Wolf; M. Ferrero (Heidelberg)
      1175 Margo            1930  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1180 Rita             1931  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1182 Ilona            1927  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1183 Jutta            1930  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1187 Afra             1929  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1214 Richilde         1932  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
      1219 Britta           1932  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)
      1288 Santa            1933  E. Delporte (Uccle)
      1293 Sonja            1933  E. Delporte (Uccle)
      1438 Wendeline        1937  K. Reinmuth (Heidelberg)
      1514 Ricouxa          1906  M. Wolf (Heidelberg)


75th Anniversary Astronomical Debate

By Robert J. Nemiroff, Greenbelt, USA

In April 1920, Harlow Shapley and Heber D. Curtis debated "The Scale of
the Universe" in Washington, DC. 75 years later, in April 1995, in
commemoration of the `Great Debate', Donald Q. Lamb and Bohdan Paczynski
will debate "The Distance Scale to Gamma-Ray Bursts" in the same
auditorium. Martin Rees will moderate. Introductory lectures will be given
by Virginia Trimble and Gerald Fishman. Tickets are free: availability
information is listed through the home page. The home page also makes
available a great deal of background information about the 1920 Curtis -
Shapley debate suitable for undergraduate lectures wishing to mention the
75th anniversary of this historic astronomical event. 

Location: Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, Baird Auditorium,
Constitution Ave. at 10th St. NW, Washington, DC. This is the same
auditorium where the original Shapley - Curtis Debate was held in 1920.
The Smithsonian is a co-sponsor of this event.  

Time: Saturday, 22 April 1995. The debate programs begins promptly at 1:00
pm. The latest the program will go is 4:30 pm with a scheduled
intermission. There are tentative plans for a reception later that

No one will be admitted without a (free) ticket. 

Ticket availability is not guaranteed. Tickets should be requested in
writing so that we can send you updated information on this event as well
as a `75th Anniversary Astronomical Debate Educational Package.' 

For tickets write to: 

75th Anniversary Astronomical Debate 
George Mason University 
CSI Institute 
Fairfax, VA 22030

Tickets will be mailed starting in January 1995. 

More information can be found in the World Wide Web at URL:

E-mail: nemiroff@grossc.gsfc.nasa.gov


New  Books

Abalakin, Viktor Kuz'mich (Ed.): Glavnaya Astronomicheskaya Observatoriya
v Pulkove. 1839-1917 gg. Sbornik dokumentov. [The Pulkovo Main
Observatory. 1839-1917. A collection of documents]. Sankt-Peterburg:
Nauka, 1994. Pp. 336, ISBN 5-02-024667-0

Abeler, Juergen: Ullstein Uhrenbuch. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Zeitmessung.
[Ullstein Book of Clocks. A cultural history of the measurement of time.]
Berlin: Verlag Ullstein, 1994. c. 380 pp., 128 pp. with illus., 
ISBN 3-550-06849-2, Hb DM 78.00

Blaauw, Adriaan: History of the IAU. The birth and first half-century of
the International Astronomical Union. Dordrecht, Boston, London: Kluwer
Academic Publishers, 1994.  Pp. 300, ISBN 0-7923-2980-5, NLG 90.00 (pb),
ISBN 0-7923-2979-1, NLG 150.00 (hb)

Borchert, Aloys:  Mueller, Adolf, S.  J., Professor der Astronomie an der
Gregorianischen Universitaet zu Rom [Professor of astronomy at the
Gregorian University in Rome], Johann Keppler, der Gesetzgeber der neueren
Astronomie. Rezension. [Johann Keppler, the lawgiver of the new
astronomy. Book review.] 1 Microfiche. Egelsbach: Verlag Markus
Haensel-Hohenhausen, 1994. ISBN 3-8267-9455-9, DM 48.00 
(= Dt. Hochschulschriften. Miscellanea theologica, 9455)

Ceyp, Michael: Faszination Russische Uhren. Von der Militaeruhr bis zum
Schiffschronometer [Fascination in Russian clocks. From the military clock
up to the ship's chronometer]. Bremen:  Verlag H. M. Hauschild, 1994.
100 pp., 167 illus. in colour, 26 x 21 cm, ISBN 3-929902-24-9, Hb DM 48.00

Coelho, Victor (Ed.): Music and science in the age of Galileo. Dordrecht,
Boston, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993. Pp. 268, ISBN
0-7923-2028-X, NLG 159.00, GBP 63.75 
(= The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, 51) 
[12 essays by specialists in the fields of astronomy, history of science,
musicology, philosophy and instrument building]

Erich Mendelsohns Einsteinturm in Potsdam [Erich Mendelsohn's Einstein
Tower in Potsdam]. Potsdam: Potsdamer VerlagsBuchhandlung, 1994. 96 pp.,
54 illus., ISBN 3-910196-23-3, Pb DM 24.80
(= Arbeitshefte des Brandenburgischen Landesamtes fuer Denkmalpflege,
Nr. 5) 
[contains: J.Limberg: Entwuerfe, Ausfuehrung und Erweiterungsbau [Plans,
implimentations and further construction]; J.Staude: Sonnenforschung in
Potsdam - Das Sonnenobservatorium Einsteinturm des Astrophysikalischen
Instituts Potsdam [Solar research in Potsdam - The Solar Observatory
Einstein Tower of the Astrophysical Institute at Potsdam]]

Fasching, Gerhard: Sternbilder und ihre Mythen [Constellations and their
myths]. Vienna, New York: Springer-Verlag, 1993. VIII, 312 pp., 
ISBN 3-211-82479-0, Hb DM 69.00; 
2nd, improved ed. 1994. 310 pp.

Feyl, Renate: Der lautlose Aufbruch. Frauen in der Wissenschaft [The
Silent outbreak.  Women in the sciences]. Koeln: Verlag Kiepenheuer &
Witsch, 1994. 208 pp., ISBN 3-462-02388-8, Pb DM 16.80 (= KiWi, 359) 
[1st ed.: Verlag Neues Leben, Berlin 1981; contains a chapter on Caroline
Herschel (1750-1848)]

Fomenko, A.T.: Empirico-statistical analysis of narrative material and its
applications to historical dating. Vol. 1: The development of the
statistical tools. Vol. 2: The analysis of Ancient and Medieval records.
Dordrecht, Boston, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994. Pp. 228 +
472, ISBN 0-7923-2606-7, NLG 465.00, GBP 186.00 (hb) 
[included dating of the Almagest Star Catalogue]

Goddard, Dorothy E.; Haynes, Raymond F. (Ed.): Pioneering a new astronomy.
Papers in memory of John G. Bolton. New Melbourne, 1994. Pp. 495-680 
(= Australian Journal of Physics, Vol. 47, No. 5)

Guericke, Otto von: The New (so-called) Magdeburg experiments of Otto von
Guericke. Translated and edited by Margaret Glover Foley Ames.
Dordrecht, Boston, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993. Pp. 412,
ISBN 0-7923-2399-8, NLG 280.00, GBP 112.00 (hb) 
(= Archives Internationales d'Histoires des Idees, 137) 
[includes chapters on the system of the world, empty space, the Moon, the
planetary system, the fixed stars and "the boundary which confines them"]

Hermann, Armin: Einstein. Der Weltweise und sein Jahrhundert. Eine
Biographie [The wise man of the world and his century. A biography]. 
Munich: R. Piper, 1994. 636 pp., 56 illus., ISBN 3-492-03477-2, 
clothbound DM 58.00

Herrmann, Dieter B.: Blick in das Weltall. Die Geschichte der
Archenhold-Sternwarte [A look into the universe. The history of the
Archenhold Observatory]. Berlin: Paetec Gesellschaft fuer Bildung und
Technik, 1994. 90 pp., ISBN 3-89517-304-5, DM 9.80

Hoyle, Fred: Home is Where the Wind Blows: Chapters from a cosmologist's
life. Mill Valley: University Science Books, 1994. Pp. xi, 443, 
ISBN 0-935702-27-X, GBP 18.95 (hbk) 
   Review: H.McGee: J. Brit. Astron. Assoc. 104 (1994) 6, 317

Huettenhain, Trude: Die astronomische Uhr im Dom zu Muenster [The
astronomical clock in the cathedral of Muenster]. 7th ed. Muenster:
Aschendorfsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1994. ISBN 3-402-05984-3, Pb DM 5.00

Kokott, Wolfgang (Ed.): Der Himmel hat viele Gesichter. Winfried Petri
zum 80. Geburtstag [The sky has many faces. For Winfried Petri on his
80th birthday]. Munich: Institut fuer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften,
1994. 160 pp., illus., ISBN 3-89241-014-3, Pb DM 25.80 (= Algorismus, 15)

Konneckis, Ralf: Mythen und Maerchen. Was uns die Sterne darueber
verraten [Myths and Stories, and what the stars have betrayed to us in
relation to them]. Stuttgart: Franckh-Kosmos Publishers, 1994. 204 pp.
[The writer gives astronomical interpretations of numerous stories and
popular traditions, which reaches partly up until the time of the Edda and
even into the time of the Stone-Age.]

Kozai, Yoshihide; Binzel, Richard P.; Hirayama, Tomohiro (Ed.):
Seventy-five years of Hirayama Asteroid Families: the role of collisions
in the Solar System history. 29 November - 3 December 1993, Tokyo.  
San Francisco, Ca.: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1994. 
Pp. xxiv, 303, ISBN 0-937707-82-1 
(= Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference series, Vol. 63) 
[in honour of Kiyotsugo Hirayama (1874-1943); includes two papers on the
history of asteroid astronomy]

Lawrynowicz, Kasimir: Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, 1784-1846.  
From the Russian by Katja Mansen-Matyssek and Heinz Matyssek. [In German].
Basel: Birkhaeuser Verlag, 1994. c. 300 pp., ISBN 3-7643-5113-6, 
Hb c. DM 70.00 (= vita mathematica, 9)

Philipp, Hugo; Roth, Daniel; Bachmann, Willy: Sonnenuhren. Deutschland
und Schweiz [Sun-dials. Germany and Switzerland]. Ditzingen: Deutsche
Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie [German Society for Chronometry], 1994.  
c. 750 pp. (unnumbered), 130 illus., ISBN 3-923422-12-1, 
DM 69.00 + 7.00 DM for postage.
[Catalog of the fixed sundials with an introduction into the art of
sundials; 6050 locations in Germany, 2200 in Switzerland;
Sales Department: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometrie, Ziererweg 8,
D-71254 Ditzingen, Germany; One can order only when paying in advance:
Euro-check or direct transfer of payment on account # 1272301 at
Landesgirokasse Stuttgart (BLZ 600501001) with exact delivery address

Roth, Guenter D. (Ed.): Compendium of practical astronomy. Vol. 1:
Instrumentation and reduction techniques. Translated and revised by Harry
J. Augensen und Wulff D. Heintz. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York etc.:
Springer-Verlag, 1994. Pp. XXIV, 540, ISBN 3-540-56273-7 
[contains also: Roth, G.D.: An historical exploration of modern astronomy]

Schiebinger, Londa: Schoene Geister. Frauen in den Anfaengen der modernen
Wissenschaft. From the American by Susanne Luedemann and Ute Spengler.
2nd ed. Klett-Cotta, 1993. 484 pp., 42 illus., ISBN 3-608-91259-2, DM
48.00 [Translation of: L.Schiebinger, The mind has no sex? Women in the
origins of modern science, 1989; also on women in astronomy, with special
attention for Maria Kirch, nee Winkelmann, and Caroline Herschel]

Secco, Luigi (Ed.): Nicolo Dallaporta: Scienza, metascienza e metafisica.
Padova: Casa Editrice Dott. Antonio Milani, 1994. Pp. c. 290, 
ISBN 88-13-19066-2
[Festschrift for Nicolo Dallaporta]

Sharov, Alexander S.; Novikov, Igor D.: Edwin Hubble. Der Mann, der den
Urknall entdeckte [The Man who discovered the Big Bang]. Translated by
Thomas Mueller. Basel, Boston, Berlin: Birkhaeuser Verlag, 1994.  
241 pp.

Wright, Helen: Explorer of the Universe. New York: American Institute of
Physics, 1994. Pp. 487, ISBN 1-563-96249-7, Hb $ 29.95 
[biography of G.E.Hale; reprint (1st edition c. 30 years ago)] 
   Review: D.Stickland: The Observatory 114 (1994) 1123, 322-323


Expression of thanks

For information we thank: 

V.K.Abalakin (St. Petersburg), P.Brosche (Daun), O.Bauer (Cologne),
J.Limberg (Potsdam), Th.Schmidt-Kaler (Bochum), G.Wolfschmidt (Munich).



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