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Report on the meeting of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy

Peter Brosche: A new society: Historical Observatories in Gotha 

Rolf M. Sinclair:
Preliminary Announcement: "Oxford V" in Santa Fe (August 1996)

Conference Calendar 1995/96

Museums and exhibits


New books

Radio and Television

Expression of thanks


Addendum by the translator

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Report on the meeting of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy

The meeting of the Working Group within the framework of the international
scientific annual conference of the Astronomische Gesellschaft for 1994
took place on the 30 September in Potsdam. After visitation of the
planetarium, and of the Bruno-H-Buergel Memorial in the New Garden (guided
by R.Koenig and A.Zenkert) as well as a guided tour of the Babelsberg
Observatory which was provided by W.R.Dick, at 2pm a splinter-meeting began
at the University of Potsdam-Babelsberg in the buildings of the Fakulty of
Law which addressed the following 9 lectures
(A = Abstract in Astron. Ges. Abstract Series No. 10, 1994, published):

Wolfgang R.  Dick:  Astronomiegeschichte und Denkmalpflege [Astronomical
History and the proper care of monuments] - das Beispiel [The example]
Berlin/Potsdam (A)

Elvira Pfitzner:  Der Briefwechsel von Gottfried Kirch mit G.S.Doerffel
[The correspondence of Gottfried Kirch with G.S.Doerffel]

Gisela Muenzel: Die Berliner Astronomie in den Akten des Leipziger
Universitaetsarchivs [Astronomy in Berlin in the papers of the archive of
the University of Leipzig]

Dieter B. Herrmann: Ejnar Hertzsprung - ein "Tycho" des 20. Jahrhunderts?
[Ejnar Hertzsprung - a "Tycho" of the 20th Century?]
Arnold Zenkert: Aus dem Leben und Werk von Bruno H. Buergel
[From the life and work of Bruno H. Buergel]

Gudrun Wolfschmidt: Die Gruendung des Einstein-Turms in Potsdam (Poster
presentation, A) [The founding of the Einstein-Tower in Potsdam]

Juergen Rienitz: Das okularlose Fernrohr. Aus der Fruehgeschichte des
Fernrohrs (A) [The ocularless telescope. From the early history of the

Johannes Wuensch: Die astrometrischen Mars-Beobachtungen von Hevelius (A)
[The astrometric Mars observations of Hevelius]

Peter Brosche: Das astrogeodaetische Werk von G.C.Lichtenberg (A)
[The astrogeodetic works of G.C.Lichtenberg]

All in all 36 lecturers and guests took part in the splinter-meeting.

On Saturday morning (1 October) another visitation of the Potsdam
Astrophysical Observatory with special focus on the Solar Observatory
"Einstein-Tower" on the Telegrafenberg took place.  
(Tour leaders: W.R.Dick, H.Borchert, H.Strohbusch, M.Strohbusch).


A new society: Historical Observatories in Gotha

By Peter Brosche, Daun

At the beginning of 1994 the society "Historical Observatories of Gotha"
was founded in Gotha, which since its inception has not only become a
legaly functioning entity, but has also been recognized as a non-profit
organization that serves the general public.  It wishes not only to
dedicate itself to the upkeep and proper maintainence of the historical
observatories and monuments in Gotha but also to support further research
on the history of astronomy and exact geo-sciences at this place in the
18th and 19th centuries, and also to make the public aware of this

The 200th birthday of Peter Andreas Hansen will be remembered through an
exhibit on the third week of September 1995, upon which also the Akademie
gemeinnuetziger Wissenschaften [Academy of Sciences of Public Utility] in
Erfurt and our Working Group will take part. (See below)

More information can be obtained from the Secretary, Manfred Strumpf
(Heinoldsgasse 10, D-99867 Gotha, Germany).


Preliminary Announcement: "Oxford V" in Santa Fe (August 1996)

By Rolf M. Sinclair, Arlington, USA

The "Fifth 'Oxford' Conference on Archaeoastronomy" ("Oxford V") will be
held at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The meeting will
start Saturday evening , August 3, 1996, with dinner and opening lectures.
The sessions of invited and contributed talks will start Sunday morning,
August 4, and will continue through the closing session on Friday
afternoon August 9. One day during the week will be devoted to a tour of
nearby points of interest. We have tentative plans for a group tour
following the conference to some of the archaeological sites of the
Southwest, to start Saturday morning August 10 and last three or four

The costs of the meeting have not yet been set, but they will be no more
than that of typical conferences in the USA.

For further information contact the officers of the National Organizing

Rolf M. Sinclair, Chair
Division of Physics
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington VA 22230 USA
(phone) (703) 306-1809
(fax) (703) 306-0566

Raymond E. White, Secretary
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
Tucson AZ 85721 USA
(phone) (602) 621-6528
(fax) (602) 621-1532


Conference Calendar 1995/96


8 or 20 April, Zurich (Switzerland)
8 April, 2-4 PM (Weather permitting): Observation of the sun and 
presentation of the historical instruments in the former Swiss Observatory.
Booking in advance required.
In case of bad weather on 8 April: 22 April, 10-12 am.
(H.U.Keller, Tel. 01/632 52 06 or 01/461 68 14)

18 - 20 May, Gerolstein/Eifel (Germany)
Annual conference of the Working Group for Sun-Dials of the German 
Society for Chronometrics. 
(Dr. Hugo Philipp, Duesseldorfer Str. 73, D-40721 Hilden, Germany,
Tel. 02103-53668)

14 - 18 June, Rummelsberg near Altdorf/Nuremberg (Germany)
Conference on the subject of History of Mathematics by the German 
Mathematical Society. Listed as part of the conference-program are a visit
to the school's museum at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg and a tour 
through the historical university building Altdorf, while looking for 
traces of Leibniz! 
Costs for a four day visit are as follows: 
(Over-nights stay and full-room): 320,- DM. 
One room additional fee (4 nights): 40,- DM
Conference contribution: 40,- DM
Sign up permissable up until 15 Feb 1995 (Send to us for all necessary 
(Prof. Dr. M. Toepell, Junkerstr. 33, D-80689 Muenchen, Germany, 
Tel. (089) 58 55 77)

16 - 17 September, Gotha (Germany)
Conference to the 200th birthday of Peter Andreas Hansen
Preliminary scheduled events: Saturday afternoon lectures, Sunday morning 
(Manfred Strumpf, Heinoldsgasse 10, D-99867 Gotha, Tel. (03621) 26475)

18 September, Bonn (Germany)
Meeting of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy within the 
framework of the annual conference of the Astronomische Gesellschaft
(Prof. Dr. Peter Brosche, Observatorium Hoher List der Sternwarte der
Universitaet Bonn, D-54550 Daun, Tel.: (06592) 2150, Fax: (06592) 2937)

22 - 23 September, St. Ulrich in Groeden/Southern Tirol  (Austria)
Fall meeting of the Working Group for Sun-Dials in the Austrian 
Astronomical Society.
(Dipl.Ing. Karl Schwarzinger, Am Tigls 76A, A-6073 Sistrans, Austria,
Tel. 0512 / 37 88 68)


3 - 9 August, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Fifth 'Oxford' Conference on Archaeoastronomy
(see above)


Museums and Exhibits

Wolfenbuettel (Germany)
14 April - 12 July 1994
Exhibit "Old and new writing calendars" in the treasure chest of the Herzog
August Library. Among the fifty calendars on display from the Herzog
Library, one could also find the German Calendarium by Johannes
Regiomontanus (1474) and the "Planetenbuch" ["Book of Planets"], which
was made from eight paper astrolabia by Leonhard Thurneisser.

Potsdam (Germany)
10 December 1994 - around June 1995 
(Possibly even longer, nevertheless there is a possibility of an
interruption because of restoration-work being done on the main refractor)
Exhibit: "From the large refractor to the Einstein-Tower. Architecture
and astrophysics on the Telegrafenberg" on the occasion of the 70th
anniversary of the Solar Observatory "Einstein-Tower".  
Conception designer: Joachim Krausse
Place: Dome of the Great Refractor in the Potsdam Astrophysical
Observatory on the Telegrafenberg, Building A 27
Opening times: Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm, beginning from Spring it
will be open until 6pm; closed on Christmas and New Years day.
(It is recommended that one wear appropriate warm clothing for winter
visits because the dome is not heated.)
Catalogue: Look up section "New books"
Information: Mrs. M. Strohbusch, Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam,
   Telegrafenberg, D-14473 Potsdam, Tel. (0331) 288 2331, Fax 288 2310

Caputh in Potsdam (Germany) 
Since the 8th of October 1994 the summer house of Albert Einstein in
Caputh, 7 km south of Potsdam, has been open to the public. The wooden
house, built by architect Konrad Wachsmann in 1929, Einstein used up until
1932. It lies in a charming country setting in the vicinity of the
Templin Lake, upon which Einstein went sailing. In the house, he
received, among others, Otto Hahn, Max von Laue, Heinrich Mann, Max Planck,
Erwin Schroedinger, Anna Seghers, Rabindranath Tagore, Chaim Weizmann and
Stefan Zweig.
In the last years the destiny of the house was in dispute, because the
property rights are unclear and because Einstein himself expressly wished
that none of his houses should be used as a museum.
Address: Einstein-Haus, Am Waldrand, 14548 Caputh. In Caputh follow the
Opening times: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 2pm-4pm, last tour at 3.30pm.
24/25 Dec and 31 Dec/1 Jan closed.
Information: Fremdenverkehrsverein "Schwielowsee", Lindenstr. 56, 14548
   Caputh, Tel. (033209) 7 09 86.
Literature: Gruening, Michael: Ein Haus fuer Albert Einstein. Berlin: 
   Verlag der Nation, 1990. 583 pp., ISBN 3-373-00324-5.

Berlin (Germany)
The new collection "Treasures of Geodesy" of the Museum for Transport and
Technology in Berlin (see ENHA Nr. 4) was put together for a special
exhibit. However, since the building of the department in 1989 "Scientific
Instruments" there can also be seen numerous astronomical and geodetic
instruments, including three small telescopes (18/19 century, including one
from Dollond), a Davis-Quadrant (Backstaff, cir. 1700), a Nocturnal
(star-clock, earliest 18 century), a theodolit, two transit instruments, a
solar quadrant, navigation instruments like sextants and octants, as well
as a chronometer from Tiede. Of special interest are the works of Carl
Bamberg and the Askania Factory in Berlin.  The exhibit-rooms are
unfortunately located off to the side in the so-called "Beamtenhaus"
between the two engine-houses.
Address: Museum fuer Verkehr und Technik, Trebbiner Strasse 9, 
   D-10963 Berlin, Tel. (030) 25484-0, Fax (030) 25484-175
Opening times: Tue - Fri  9am - 5:30pm, Sat - Son 10am - 6pm,
   Please inquire about holiday opening times.

Berlin (Germany)
The Museum for Applied Arts in Berlin has been also displaying in their
permanent exhibit interesting instruments from the history of astronomy and
related fields. In room IV one find the department "Scientific
instruments/clocks". To be seen are, among others, astrolabia (16/17
century), theodolites, an armillar sphere (c. 1730), a telescope
(1610/16), dish-clocks with astrolabia, pocket-sundials (16-18 century),
Planetary tables (1574) and everlasting calendars.
Address: Kunstgewerbemuseum, Matthaeikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin, 
Tel. (030) 266 29 09/02
Opening times: Tue-Fri  9am-5pm, Sa+Su 10am-5pm. Closed 1 Jan, 
24/25 and 31 Dec as well as on Tuesday after Easter and Whitsuntide
Catalogues: Dreier, Franz Adrian: Winkelmessinstrumente [Anglemeasuring
instruments]. From the 16th to the early 19th Century. Berlin:
Kunstgewerbemuseum, 1989. 176 pp., DM 20.00.
Hausmann, Tjark: Alte Uhren [Antique clocks]. Berlin:
Kunstgewerbemuseum, 1979. 210 pp., DM 10.00
(Both are available).

Copenhagen (Denmark)
The Round Tower was built as an observatory and library in 1637 - 42 during
Christian IV. His stepless winding hallway is unique in European
architecture. The library room was opened again in 1987 as an exhibit
room. From the observation platform, one has a beautiful view over "Old
Copenhagen" and during the winter months you can also see the starry-sky
through a telescope.
Address: Rundetarn, Kobmagergrade 52a, Kobenhavn K

Vestskovudstillingen near Copenhagen (Denmark)
Since 1979 the Ole Romer Museum has placed in this village. In the
vicinity there existed from 1704 until 1740 Romer's "Observatorium
Tusculanum", whose base was not rediscovered and dug up until 1978. The
walls and the posts of the observatory have been reconstructed on the
original spot.
Opening times of the museum: Mo-Fr 9am-4pm, Fr 9am-3pm, 
Sa/So/holidays 2-5pm
Address: Ole Romer Museet, Kroppedals Alle 3, Vridslosemagle, 
   DK-2630 Taastrup, Tel. + 42 52 95 85.

Graz (Austria)
In the Federal High School on Keplerstrasse 1 in Graz a permanent exhibit
was erected to commemorate the 400 year anniversary of J.Kepler's arrival
in Graz. It will be used as a learning and experience exhibit and will
serve to bring the works and ideas of Johannes Kepler nearer to today's
youth. As an exemple, a three meter high icosahedron, with mirrors inside
and to be entered, shall give an impression how Kepler was fascinated by
Information: Dr. Gerhard Rath, Bundesrealgymnasium, Keplerstrasse 1, 
   A-8020 Graz

Jena (Germany)
Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott - Life and Works. A new permanent exhibit in
the Optical Museum in Jena, which was organized in February 1994 through
the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung Jena.
Address: Optisches Museum, Carl-Zeiss-Platz 12, D-07743 Jena, 
   Tel. (03641) 55109

Karlstadt (Germany)
17 - 23 July 1995
Exhibit "Johann Schoener and the Celestial Globe" in the Schoener-Gymnasium
Information: StD Werner Zapotetzky, Johann-Schoener-Gymnasium,
Bodelschwingstr. 29, D-97753 Karlstadt, Tel. (09353) 7474

Ingolstadt (Germany)
September - December 1995
Peter Apian and his time - Astronomy, Mathematics, Cartography and
Cosmography. Exhibit in the Stadtmuseum [City Museum] at Ingolstadt.
Information: Dr. Karl Roettel, Am Aschweg 57, D-85114 Buxheim



On the occassion of the 600th anniversary of the founding of the University
of Erfurt (1392) and the 200th anniversary of the conferment of the
Doctorate's Degree of the University on Johann Hieronymus Schroeter on the
19th of September 1992 was conferred a bronze memorial on the birth-house
of Schroeter in Erfurt (Schlosserstrasse 25, formerly Neue Strasse, then
Hermann-Jahn-Strasse; close to the Museum "Neue Muehle"). It concerns a
donation of the citizens of Lilienthal.

On the 3rd September 1994 the Walter Hohmann Observatory in Essen
celebrates their 25th anniversary. A relief has been dedicated to the
specialist for celestial mechanics and pioneer of space-travel Walter
Hohmann (1880 - 1945), and a telescope has been named in honour of Christel
Borchers-Heiss (1921 - 1994), who was a supporter of the observatory.
(Wallneyer Strasse 159, 45133 Essen, Tel. 0201-493941).


New Books

25 Jahre Walter-Hohmann-Sternwarte Essen [25 years of the Walter Hohmann
Observatory in Essen]. Essen, 1994. 56 pp.
[with popular astronomical and historical essays]

Anderson, R.G.W.; Bennett, Jim A.; Ryan, W.F. (Eds.): Making instruments
count: Essays on historical scientific instruments presented to Gerard
L'Estrange Turner. Aldershot: Variorum, 1993. Pp. 512, 121 illus., 
ISBN 0-86078-394-4, GBP 57.50
[also on astronomical instrument]

Astronomische Phaenomenologie. Tatsachen, Probleme, Hilfsmittel.  
21. Sternfreunde-Seminar, 1994 [Astronomical Phenomenology. Facts,
problems, reference help. 21nd Amateur Astronomers' Seminar, 1994].
Planetarium der Stadt Wien - Zeiss Planetarium. [186 pp.], Manuscript
print, unbound, oeS 230.00 + 30.00 for postage
[contains also historical essays, especially with reference to antique
Available from: Astronomisches Buero, Hasenwartgasse 32, A-1238 Wien,
Tel./Fax (0222) 889 35 41; Payment after receiving bill]

Cluzan, Sophie; Moulierac, Jeanne; Bounni, Adnan (Eds.): 
Syrie, Memoire et Civilisation. 
Paris: Flammarion (Institut du Monde Arabe), 1993. ISBN 2-906062-58-8
[contains also: D.A.King "Instruments astronomiques syriens"]

Corbally, C.J.; Gray, R.O.; Garrison, Robert F. (Eds.): The MK Process at
50 years: a powerful tool for astrophysical insight. A Workshop of the
Vatican Observatory, Tucson, Arizona, U.pp.A., September 1993.  
San Francisco, Ca.: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1994.  
Pp. xxi, 411, ISBN 0-937707-79-1
(= Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 60)         
[Part V: The history of MK classification. With contributions by
D.E.Osterbrock, D.Hoffleit, M.F.McCarthy, and J.Rountree]

Das 500jaehrige Jubilaeum der Krakauer Studienzeit von Nicolaus Copernicus.
Tagung: Das 500jaehrige Jubilaeum der Kraukauer Studienzeit von Nicolaus
Copernicus, Krakau (Poland), June 1993 [The 500 year jubilee of the Cracow
study-time of Nicolaus Copernicus. Conference: The 500 year jubilee of
the Cracow study-time of Nicolaus Copernicus , Cracow (Poland), June 1993].
Cracow (Poland): Internationales Kulturzentrum, 1993. 164 pp.  
(= Forschungszentrum fuer europaeische Kulturen, Die Reihe: Wissenschaft,
Nr. 3)

Dekker, Elly; van der Krogt, Peter: Globes from the Western World.
London: Zwemmer, 1993. Pp. 183, illus., mostly colour, 
ISBN 0-302-00618-4, GBP 39.50
[Important list of makers]

Der Einsteinturm in Potsdam. Architektur und Astrophysik. Herausgegeben
vom Astrophysikalischen Institut Potsdam. Begleitband zur Ausstellung "Vom
Grossen Refraktor zum Einsteinturm" [The Einstein-Tower in Potsdam.
Architecture and Astrophysics. Published by the Astrophysical Institute
Potsdam. Accompanyment to the exhibit "From the Large Refractor to the
Einstein-Tower"]. Editor: Barbara Eggers. Berlin: Ars Nicolai, 1995.
159 pp., 129 ill., ISBN 3-89479-068-7, DM 28.00 
[with contributions by B.Eggers, F.W.Jaeger, K.Hentschel, S.Achenbach,
J.Staude, J.Krausse, W.Pehnt, J.Posener]

Hohmann, Walter: Die Erreichbarkeit der Himmelskoerper. Untersuchungen
ueber das Raumfahrtproblem. Herausgegeben durch das Kuratorium Der Mensch
und der Weltraum e.V. [The reachability of the heavenly bodies.
Investigations into the space-travel problem. Published by the Curatorium
"Man and Space"]. Muenchen, Wien: R. Oldenbourg Verlag, 1994. XX, 102 pp.,
ISBN 3-486-23106-5, DM 29.80; High School students and university
students (with valid ID) DM 19.80.
[Extended reprint of the 1st edition 1925. With commentaries by 
F.Schmeidler and a biography of Hohmann.
Available from: Walter-Hohmann-Sternwarte, Wallneyer Str. 159, 
D-45133 Essen, Germany]

Kummer, Hans-Jochen: Ludwig Strasser - ein Uhrenfachmann aus Glashuette
[Ludwig Strasser - A clock maker from Glashuette].
Muenchen: Callwey Verlag, 1994. 216 pp., ISBN 3-7667-1122-9, DM 128.00
[Ludwig Strasser (1853-1917) delivered also to observatories. One Chapter
is devoted to the relationship with Wilhelm Foerster, who was friends with

Mazzolini, R.G. (Ed.): Non-verbal communication in science prior to 1900.
Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 1993.  Pp. xii, 622, illus., 
ISBN 88-222-4069-3, L. 98,000 (= Biblioteca di Nuncius studi e testi, XI) 
[contains also: D.A.King "Some medieval astronomical instruments and their

Moderne Astronomische Phaenomenologie. 20. Sternfreunde-Seminar, 1992/93
[Modern Astronomical Phenomenology. 20th Amateur Astronomers' Seminar,
1992/93]. Planetarium der Stadt Wien - Zeiss Planetarium und
Oesterreichischer Astronomischer Verein. [238 pp.], Manuscript print,
unbound, oeS 290.00 + 30.00 for postage
[contains also historical essays, especially with reference to antique
Available from: Astronomisches Buero, Hasenwartgasse 32, A-1238 Wien,
Tel./Fax (0222) 889 35 41; Payment after receiving bill]

Putnam, William Lowell: The explorers of Mars Hill. Flagstaff: Lowell
Observatory, 1994. Pp. 289, ISBN 0-914-65969-3, $ 30 (hb)
[on Percival Lowell (1855-1916) and the Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff 
   Review: D.Stickland: The Observatory 114 (1994), 248-249

Smith, Robert W.; Hanle, P.A.; Kargon, R.H.; Tatarewicz, J.N.: The Space
Telescope. A Study of NASA, science, technology, and politics. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 1993. Pp. 528, ISBN 0-521-45768-8, GBP 16.95,
US$ 24.95

Sragner, Marta: Gothard Jenoe. 3d and revised ed. 
Szombathely (Hungary): Gothard Amatoercsillagazati Egyesuelet 
[Gothard Society of Amateur Astronomers], 1994. Pp. 95
[Short biography (Hungarian and English) and extensive bibliography
of the publications by and about the Hungarian astronomer
Jenoe (Eugen von) Gothard (1857-1909);
Adress of the author: M. Sragner, Alkotmany u. 3, H-7624 Pecs, Hungary]


Radio and Television

On the 24th of May 1994 the German radio channel HESSEN 2 broadcasted the
feature "Neues von der Sintflut oder Wie ein Komet die Bibel beweisen soll"
["News from the Flood or How a comet shall prove the Bible"] by Beate
Ziegs, member of our Working Group. Approximately 10000 years ago a comet
was supposed to have caused global destruction. According to the Austrian
geologists Edith and Alexander Tollmann, what as "The Flood" found
world-wide entrance into myths, was based upon eyewittness reports. The
two scientists attempted to explain and to prove this theory with modern
scientific methods.

A further program by Beate Ziegs under the title "Die Externsteine:  Ein
germanisches Stonehenge?" ["The Externsteine: A German Stonehenge?"] was
delivered on the 8th of September 1994 on German radio channel BR 2. It
was based upon the archeoastronomical findings of Wolfhard Schlosser

The feature by Beate Ziegs "Pulkovo / St. Petersburg: Ueber Ruhm und
Elend der einstigen Weltmetropole der Astronomie" ["Pulkovo / St.
Petersburg: On fame and misery of the former world metropolis in
astronomy"] was sent over the airwaves by RADIO BREMEN 2 on the 10th of
November 1994 and was repeated on the 25 December. The author reports on
the history and future of the Pulkovo Observatory.

On the 22th December the German radio channel SFB 3 transmitted the program
"Im Tempel der Wissenschaft: 70 Jahre Einsteinturm" ["In the temple of
science: 70 years of the Einstein-Tower"] by B. Ziegs. A longer feature
by the same author on the same topic will be transmitted by RADIO BREMEN 2
(Broadcast: 16 March, 9-10 pm).

The German television channel WDR carried on the 29th of October 1994 a
recording of the multimedia music-theatre "Keplers Dream" (Music and
Libretto: Giorgio Battistelli) from the 4th Munich Biennale. The premiere
took place in 1990 in Linz, where Kepler from 1614 until 1626 was active.


Expression of thanks

For information we thank:

D.Boendel (Berlin), B.Eggers (Berlin), D.Gerdes (Lilienthal), K.-D.Herbst
(Jena), H.U.Keller (Zuerich), A.Korte (Essen), H.-J.Kummer (Ludwigshafen),
H.Mucke (Wien), G.Rath (Graz), K.Schwarzinger (Sistrans), M.Sragner
(Pecs), M.Toepell (Muenchen), B.Ziegs (Berlin).



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Addendum by the translator: 

Space Anniversaries (from the SPACE CALENDAR)

(Additions to the list in ENHA No. 6 and 7; 
5th, 10th and 15th anniversaries are omitted here)

			 Space Calendar
			 by Ron Baalke

February 1995

Feb 17 - 30th Anniversary (1965), Ranger 8 Launch (Moon Impact Mission)

March 1995

Mar 15 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Helios 1 Perihelion (0.309 AU from Sun)
Mar 21 - 30th Anniversary (1965), Ranger 9 Launch (Moon Impact Mission)

April 1995

Apr 01 - 35th Anniversary (1960), TIROS-1 Launch (1st Weather Satellite)

June 1995

Jun 08 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Venera 9 Launch (Russian Venus
Jun 14 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Venera 10 Launch (Russian Venus

August 1995

Aug 17 - 25th Anniversary (1970), Venera 7 Launch (Venus Lander)

September 1995

Sep 09 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Viking 2 Launch (Mars Orbiter/Lander)
Sep 12 - 25th Anniversary (1970), Luna 16 Launch (Moon Sample Return)

October 1995

Oct 11 - 50th Anniversary (1945), JPL WAC Corporal Launch 
 (1st Man-Made Object to Escape Earth's Atmosphere).
Oct 20 - 25th Anniversary (1970), Zond 8 Launch (Moon Orbit & Return) 
Oct 22 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Venera 9, Venus Orbit Insertion & Landing
Oct 25 - 20th Anniversary (1975), Venera 10, Venus Orbit Insertion & 

November 1995

Nov 10 - 25th Anniversary (1970), Luna 17 Launch (Russian Moon Rover)

December 1995

Dec 04 - 30th Anniversary (1965), Gemini 7 Launch
Dec 15 - 30th Anniversary (1965), Gemini 6 Launch
Dec 15 - 25th Anniversary (1970), Venera 7, Venus
Dec 16 - 30th Anniversary (1965), Pioneer 6 Launch

January 1996

Jan 01 - 195th Anniversary (1801), Discovery of the First Asteroid (Ceres)
 by Piazzi
Jan 15 - 20th Anniversary (1976), Helios 2 Launch (Solar Orbiter)
Jan 31 - 25th Anniversary (1971), Apollo 14 Launch
Jan 31 - 30th Anniversary (1966), Luna 9 Launch (Russian Moon Lander)

February 1996

Feb 04 - Clyde Tombaugh's 90th Birthday (1906)

URL: http://newproducts.jpl.nasa.gov/calendar/calendar.html
Please send any updates or corrections to baalke@kelvin.jpl.nasa.gov.


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