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Arnold Zenkert:
Prof. Diedrich Wattenberg's 85th birthday on the 13th of June

Eckehard Schmidt: 
Founding and construction of astronomical museums in China
- travel impressions

Conference calendar 1994/95

Feature on The Flood and Astronomy

New books




Addendum by the translator: 
Midwest Regional Meeting of the International Dark-Sky Association


Prof. Diedrich Wattenberg's 85th birthday on the 13th of June

By Arnold Zenkert, Potsdam

Seldom are we allowed to look back upon the time of a man who has lived
such a long and fullfilled life, one that was dedicated to the world of the
distant stars, their research, and what connections they have to the total
culture of mankind.  Old age is often the time to measure what one has and
has not accomplished, to count one's debits and credits.  So it was in his
autobiography which appeared ten years ago "Gestirnter Himmel ueber mir -
Unverlierbares aus meinem Leben" ("Starry Heaven above me - Unforgettable
moments from my life").  Set against one another, the balance of his life
can account for the jubilation, pride, and joy over the rich harvest of his

Fascinated with the world of the stars and the results of early
astronomical research in the beginning of the 20th Century, he began to
write about it at the age of 18.  The meeting with Bruno H. Buergel in the
year 1924 heavily influenced his later lifestyle as a person who educated
himself and as a popularizer of the arts.  It was a way for him to struggle
for a steadfast way of life, and as a result of his aspirations, was very
shortly known in the newspapers in the surrounding area of Bremen.

Noteworthy journals such as "Das Weltall" (The World Universe), "Die
Himmelswelt" (The World of the Stars) and "Die Sterne" (The Stars)
published his works, which were dedicated mainly to the History of
Astronomy.  A turning point in his life was his meeting with Friedrich
Simon Archenhold, founder of the "Volkssternwarte" (People's Observatory)
in Berlin-Treptow in the year 1929.  After that meeting, he began his
successful and highly accomplished time in Berlin.

Those who lived through the period of suffering and destruction after the
Second World War, also understood the enthusiasm that was evident to
rebuild the country.  Wattenberg was one of the first to put himself into
this task, and made certain that the Archenhold Observatory was soon once
again in working operation.  His appointment as Director of the facility
followed shortly after in 1948.  We have him to thanks that the observatory
became one of the most important facilitys of its kind at that time.  His
30 years of activity at the observatory meant a constant effort in order to
expand the facility, and on going improvement in work with the public.  To
those accomplishments belong the small Zeiss Planetarium, the 500-mm
Cassegraine Reflector, the Coude Refractor, as well as the Sun Cabinet.
Working with these instruments the Archenhold Observatory was able to
assist the ever growing number of star-gazing observatories and
planetariums, as well as assist in instructing visiting school groups in
Astronomy and stood at the disposal for the further education of teachers
in the community.

The observatory's activities became well known through the sheer number of
lectures and writings offered in the printed series "Vortraege und
Schriften", of which over 25 stem from the pen of Wattenberg himself.
These lectures and writings (which were of first line quality) on the
History of Astronomy brought the reader to a general understanding with the
"torch bearer" of Astronomy and also lead the reader to strive for a
greater appreciation of the picture of the world in which we live.  Summing
up all of his writings and contributions together, the total number
approaches 2500, to which have to be added 1600 lectures.

During the time of his life, he felt closely connected with the life and
works of Bruno H. Buergel.  In the Buergel-Freundes-Kreis ("Friends of
Buergel Circle"), which was founded by Wattenberg, people and general
admirers of astronomical writers who wished to glean more out of astronomy
than facts and numbers, could meet and discuss these topics.  Prof.
Wattenberg had dedicated his entire life in word and deed to the inner
value of the human condition.  As he himself furthered, theological and
philosophical questions should always be considered in their historical
context.  This train of thought reoccurred all throughout his lectures,
especially when open discussion on a topic was not able at these times.

In the year 1978 Prof. Wattenberg retired.  In his home in Berlin-
Mahlsdorf he spends his evening of life filled with evidence of his joy in
working, which the publications certainly prove.

Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to the man who displayed so
much energetic creativity and gave us such a legacy of writings, knowledge,
and achievements.

Ad multos annos!

Additional comments by the editor:  A list of writings of D. Wattenberg
can be located in "J.C.Poggendorff Biographisch-literarisches
Handwoerterbuch der exakten Naturwissenschaften" ["J.C.Poggendorff
Biographic-Literary Dictionary of exact Natural Sciences"], vol. VIIa,
part 4, Berlin 1961, Pp. 867-869.  Additions to this list of works will be
available in forthcoming vol. VIII, mediated by the Work Group for the
History of Astronomy.  In 1993 Wattenberg's work "Archivalische Quellen zum
Leben und Werk von Franz Xaver von Zach" ["Archival Sources from the life
and works of Franz Xaver von Zach"] appeared in Goettingen (cf.  printed
"Mitteilungen zur Astronomiegeschichte" Nr. 3, p. 3).  In June of this
year the publishing house GNT-Verlag Stuttgart will release, mediated by
the Work Group on the History of Astronomy, Wattenberg's book "Wilhelm
Olbers im Briefwechsel mit Astronomen seiner Zeit" ["Wilhelm Olbers - an
exchange of letters with the astronomers of his time"].  Also in print or
in preparation - "Wilhelm Schamoni - Ein Leben fuer Heilige und Ewigkeit"
["Wilhelm Schamoni - A life for the holy and eternal"] and "Tiere in der
Sternenwelt.  Sternbilder mit Tiernamen und ihre Geschichte" ["Animals in
the world of the stars.  Constellations with the names of animals and their


Founding and construction of astronomical museums in China
- Travel impressions

By Eckehard Schmidt, Nuernberg

A group of interested people traveled to China in 1993 in order to explore
China's historical and present astronomical accomplishments.  Next to
sightseeing, there were also discussions in modern observatories such as
Xinglong, Nanjing, Shanghai, and the astronomers they met also led them to
several Astronomy museums.

The historical observatory in Beijing portrays the most well known efforts
in Europe by the Chinese to keep the History of Astronomy alive.  The
observatory itself is the museum and instructs visitors about insruments
and research since the 13th Century.  An exhibition pavillion next to the
observatory has on display photographs, models, and sketches on further
aspects of Chinese Astronomical History like the observation and discovery
of the supernova (Crab-Nebula) which took place 940 years ago.  The
director is Ms. Cui Shi Zhu.  The observatory and the museum are open
during certain times.

The graves of European missionaries, astronomers, scientists and artists
are located together as ensambles sporadically on small village greens in
historical places in Beijing.  Honored there are Ferdinand Verbiest, Adam
Schall von Bell and Mattei Ricci.  Mr. Yi Shitong, President of the
Astronomical Museum in China, presented us with two astronomical texts:
"Several Newly Found Astronomical Instruments Concerning Johann Adam Schall
von Bell" and "Engravement Tablets of the Western Missionaries in the Early
Times in Beijing".  The graves are not open to the public.

The oldest remaining intact observatory lies some 14 km from Dengfeng,
Hunan Province.  There, the astronomer Guo Shoujing furthered a calendar
reform and the beginning of the now used calendar cycle of 365 1/4 days per
year.  This observatory with it's 9 m high stone turret has been fully
restored.  In the front court yard stand the gnomon with which over ca.
800 years before the first measurements began.  A neighboring building
contains displays on the History of Observatories and Calendar systems.
There is a plan in work here for an expansion of the facility into an
Astronomy-Park.  According to the plan, a series of tablets and models will
be on display along the garden path with the theme:  Keeping the theme of
Astronomy alive.  The observatory is open to the public.

The modern observatory in Nanjing displays historical angle-measuring
instruments, globes, etc.  Further historical astronomical exhibits are
spread all through China, mostly at their original sights.  One example:
In the museum of the city of Suzhou stands the stone tablets which contain
the 12th century star charts of the astronomer Huang Shang.  The North
Star lies in the center of the chart.  The heavenly bodies and their orbits
are enhanced by the text which is included on this chart.

A thorough astronomical history of China in one single museum has not yet
been able to be accomplished.  The presentation of the exhibits is only on
occassion as thorough as similar European presentations, and can not be
compared to the efforts of their European counterparts.  All discussion
partners in China have shown a large interest in contacts with astronomy
historians and museums.  I would gladly delve out any addresses that are

(Address of the author: Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Schmidt, Postfach 4616, 
D-90025 Nuernberg, Germany)


Conference Calendar 1994/95


20 May, Bonn (Germany)
3 PM c.t., Great lecture Hall, Kreuzbergweg
Festival colloqium by the section of Physics/Astronomy at the University of
Bonn to honor Heinrich Hertz, died 1894 in Bonn; lectures by A.  Hermann
(Stuttgart) und K.H.Althoff (Bonn)

30 May - 4 June, Flagstaff, Arizona (USA)
International Rock Art Congress, including a symposium titled "Celestial
Seasonings: Astronomical Connotations of Rock Art."
(ARARA, P.O. Box 65, San Miguel CA, USA, Tel (805) 467-3704)

3-4 June, St. Niklaas (Belgium)
Work schedule "Gerhard Mercator - A messanger of culture and science in
Participant fee: 120,- DM
Last day to sign up and confirm reservation: 15 May 1994
Sign up at: Dipl.-Ing. H.J.Lagoda, Gehrstr. 10, D-47176 Duisburg
Transfer under the key word "MERCATOR 94 Seminar 5194" to:
   VDV-Bildungswerk FG 5, Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal (BLZ 33050000), 
   Acct-Nr. 550004 
Conference address: Mercator-Museum, Zamanstraat 49, B-9100 St. Niklaas,

3-5 June, Pennsylvania State University (USA)
11th International Symposium on Latin American Indian Literature
Papers were solicited on anthropology, astronomy, history, medicine, 
rock art, and many other topics
(Dr. Mary Preuss, Pennsylvania State University, University Drive,
McKeesport, PA 15132, USA)

30 June - 2 July, Bautzen (Germany)
The day for school astronomy, 1994
Astronomy History Lectures:  B.Kanitscheider:  Astrology in scientific
theoretic perspective; D.B.Herrmann:  On the history of the
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
(Saechsische Akademie fuer Lehrerbildung (The Saxon Academy for teacher
training), Aussenstelle Leipzig, Eilenburger Str. 7, D-04838
Hohenpriessnitz, Germany, Tel. (0342) 42 50 202)

29-31 August, Bochum (Germany)
Symposium of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC)
(Prof. Wolfhard Schlosser, Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universitaet,
Universitaetsstrasse 150, D-44780 Bochum, Germany)

2-4 September, Wittenberg (Germany)
Colloqium "On the History of Geo-Sciences in the 16th Century."
Entrance fee: 25,- DM
(Dr. Peter Schmidt, Technische Universitaet, Bergakademie Freiberg,
Universitaetsbibliothek, D-09599 Freiberg, Germany, Tel. (03731) 513235, 
Fax (03731) 22195)

5-10 September, Odessa (Ukraine)
International conference "Astrophysics and Cosmology after Gamov",
among topics: Gamov memorial session, Astronomy and Astrophysics in Odessa
(Dr. Michael Ryabov, Astronomical Observatory, Shevchenko Park, 
270014 Odessa, Ukraine, 
Tel. 7(0482) 24-7131, 21-4034, 22-8442, Fax 7(0482) 33-406, 
Telex 64-232239 OFIS SU, E-mail: root%astro.odessa.ua@relay.ussr.eu.net)

12-13 September, St. Peterbourg (Russia)
Workshop dedicated to G.Gamov's memory
(Prof. D.A.Varshalovich, A.F.Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute,
Politekhnicheskya ul. 26, 194021 St. Peterbourg, Russia, 
E-mail: varsh@astro.pti.spb.su)

21-23 September, Halle (Germany)
Meeting of the Driburg Circle for students, doctoral candidates and
assistents on the theme "Protection relationships in the natural sciences,
technology and medicine."
In order to register up until 1 August 1994 please send all inquiries to:
Martina Lorenz, Universitaet Regensburg, Lehrstuhl fuer
Wissenschaftsgeschichte, D-93040 Regensburg

23-26 September, Halle (Germany)
77th Annual conference of the German Society for History of Medicine,
Natural Sciences and Technology.  Theme:  "Subjectivity und Science"
Up until the 25 May, Registering for either the main theme lecture, or to
attend the presentations on various regional and historical subjects,
should address their inquiries to:
   Prof. Dr. C. Meinel, Lehrstuhl fuer Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 
   Postfach der Universitaet, D-93040 Regensburg, Fax (0941) 943 4992

6-8 October, Duisburg (Germany)
7th Cartography-History Colloquium "Gerhard Mercator and his time"
(Prof. Dr. W. Scharfe, Freie Universitaet, FR Kartographie, Arno-Holz-Str.
12, D-12165 Berlin, Germany)

5 November, Duisburg (Germany)
Working conference for "Gerhard Mercator - his life, his works and his traces 
upon the lower Rhein and the world."
Entrance fee: 120,- DM
Last day for registration and confirmation: 7 October 1994
All registration inquiries to: Dipl.-Ing. H.J.Lagoda, Gehrstr. 10, D-47176 
   Duisburg, Germany
Transfer under the key word: "G.M. am Niederrhein - Seminar 5294" to:
   VDV-Bildungswerk FG 5, Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal (BLZ 33050000), 
   Konto-Nr. 550004 
Conference address: Kultur- und Stadthistorisches Museum Duisburg,
Johannes-Corputius-Platz 1, D-47051 Duisburg, Tel. (0203) 283-2640/2656

5-6 November, Berlin (Germany)
Scientific conference on the 200th birthday of Johann Jacob Baeyer
(Prof. Dr. Eberhard Knobloch and Dr. Herbert Pieper, Technische
Universitaet Berlin, Institut fuer Philosophie, Wissenschaftstheorie,
Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, D-10587
Berlin, Germany, Tel. (030) 314-24841/22606)


27-31 March, Berlin (Germany)
VIth Physics-History conference on the theme "150 years of the
Physikalische Gesellschaft" and international Physics-History Conference:
"Emergence of Modern Physics"
Up until 1. September 1994 registration can be obtained through: 
   Dr. Dieter Hoffmann, FSP Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 
   Jaegerstr. 10/11, D-10117 Berlin, Germany,
   Tel. (030) 20192-164/152, Fax (030) 20192-154/162

August, Boulder, Colorado (USA)
"History of Geophysics and Global Change", Symposium of the International
Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, IDC of History
Topics: all subjects in history of geophysics and related disciplines, the
sun in history
Deadline for submission of papers: 31 January 1995
Contact: Prof. Dr. Michele Colacino, Instituto Fisica dell'Atmosfera,
         P.Le. Sturzo, 31, I-00144 Roma, Italy
     or: Dr. Wilfried Schroeder, Geophysical Station, Hechelstr. 8, 
         D-28777 Bremen, Germany

18-20 September, Leoben (Austria)
2nd Symposium "The Cultural Heritage of Mining Sciences and Geo-sciences -
Libraries - Archives - Museums". Theme: "Art and Culture in Mining Sciences 
and in Geo-sciences."
(Dr. Peter Schmidt, Technical University, Bergakademie Freiberg,
University Library, D-09599 Freiberg, Germany, Tel. (03731) 513235, 
Fax (03731) 22195)


Feature on The Flood and Astronomy

On Thursday the 24th May 1994, 9pm, the German radio channel HESSEN 2 will
carry the feature:  "News of the Flood, or, How a comet can bring proof of
what's in the bible".  Roughly 10000 years ago a comet was supposed to have
brought upon the globe a great catastrophy.  Thus, the world-wide myths of
"The Flood" was born.  The Austrian geologists Edith and Alexander Tollmann
consider these as eyewitness reports, and using modern natural scientific
methods they try to either prove or disprove them.  Beate Ziegs analyses in
her feature Tollmanns' investigation.


New Books

Aveni, Anthony F.: The ancient astronomers.  Montreal: St. Remy Press;
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Books, 1993.  ISBN 0-8959-9037-7. 

Caspar, Max: Kepler.  New York: Dover Publications, 1993.  Pp. 441. 
ISBN 0-486-67605-6. $ 10.95, paperbound
[C. Doris Hellmann's 1959 translation from German in a corrected and
expanded edition]

Crowe, Michael J.: Modern theories of the universe: from Herschel to
Hubble.  New York: Dover Publications, 1994.  Pp. X, 435. 
ISBN 0-4862-7880-8. $ 9.95

Ferchel, Joseph:  Praktische Sonnenuhren-Kunst fuer Jedermann.  Anleitung
zur Verfertigung von Sonnenuhren.  [Practical Sundial-Art for everyone.
Introduction to the making of sun-dials.]  (Reprint of the original-edition
of 1841).  Hannover:  Verlag T.  Schaefer, 1994.  64 S.  ISBN
3-88746-323-4.  Hardbound DM 34,-

Hetherington, Norriss S. (Ed.): Cosmology: historical, literary,
philosophical, religious, and scientific perspectives.  
(Garland reference library of the humanities, vol. 1634) 
New York, London: Garland Publishing, 1993.  Pp. XI, 631. 
ISBN 0-8153-1085-4. ISBN 0-8153-0934-1 (pbk)

King, David A.: Astronomy in the service of Islam.  (Collected studies
series, CS416) Aldershot, Hampshire, Great Britain; Brookfield, Vt., USA:
Variorum, 1993. (various pagings). ISBN 0-8607-8357-X. $ 94.95 (est.)

McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch: Nobel Prize women in science.  Their lives,
struggles, and momentous discoveries.  Brich Lane Press, 1993.  Pp. 419.
ISBN 1-55972-146-4. $ 26.95
[including Jocelyn Bell, the discoverer of pulsars]

Reiche, Maria: Contribuciones a la geometria y astronomia en el antiguo
Peru.  Lima: Epigrafe Editores S.A., 1993.  Pp. 571. ISBN 8-4890-3404-4. 

Santilla, Giorgio de; Dechend, Hertha of:  Die Muehle des Hamlet.  Ein
Essay ueber Mythos und das Geruest der Zeit.  [The Hamlet's Mill.  An Essay
on Myths and the framework of the time].  Authorized translation from the
English by Beate Ziegs.  (Computerkultur, Bd. 8) Berlin:  Verlag Kammerer
& Unverzagt, 1993.  578 S.  ISBN 3-926763-23-X.  DM 68,-
[The authors acknowledge that the universal myths all have a common origin,
which originated in the stars.  The myth has been the language for the
portrayel, the transmission, and the handling of an extensive and complex
body of astronomical information and to that also the origin of scientific

Schillinger, Klaus (Hrsg.):  Kostbare Instrumente und Uhren.  Aus dem
Mathematisch-Physikalischen Salon Dresden.  [Valuable Instruments and
Clocks.  From the Mathematic-Physical Salon Dresden.]  Leipzig:  E.  A.
Seemann Kunstverlagsgesellschaft, 1993.  ca.  144 S.  ISBN 3-363-00599-7.
ca.  DM 128,-
[Historical Measuring Instruments, Telescopes, Burning mirrors,
Arithmetic aids, Pointing-instruments, Optical instruments,
Earth and Celestial Globes, Clocks]

Schroeder, Wilfried; Treder, Hans-Juergen (Ed.): Reflections on physics and
geophysics.  Bremen-Roennebeck, 1994.  Pp. 150. 
DM 20,-/$ 14 (incl.postage)
[papers on theoretical physics, history of physics and interdisciplinary
studies of geophysics and physics;
Address for orders: W.Schroeder, Science Edition, Hechelstrasse 8,
D-28777 Bremen, Germany]



Prof. Dr. Eberhard Knobloch (Berlin), Member of the Work Group for the
History of Astronomy, has been nominated to Chairman of the International
Commission of the History of Mathematics and is also Correspondending
Member of the Mathematic-Natural Science Class [Mathematisch-
naturwissenschaftliche Klasse] of the Saxon Academy of Sciences
[Saechsische Akademie der Wissenschaften] in Leipzig.



For information we thank: P.Schmidt (Freiberg), W.Schroeder (Bremen),
B.Ziegs (Berlin), VDV-Bildungswerk FG 5.



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Addendum by the translator

May 14, 1994

   The 1994 Midwest Regional Meeting of the International Dark-Sky
Association will be held on Saturday, June 4, 1994 at the Story County
Conservation Center at McFarland Park, just northeast of Ames, Iowa
(I-35 Exit 116).  The meeting is free, and anyone interested in
improving the quality of outdoor lighting and our nighttime
environment is encouraged to attend.

   We hope that you will be able to attend.  The meeting is being
sponsored by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), the Story
County Conservation Board, Musco Sports-Lighting, Inc., and the Ames
Area Amateur Astronomers (AAAA).

   Here, now, is the preliminary schedule of events.

Saturday, June 4, 1994
Story County Conservation Center, McFarland Park, Ames, Iowa

9:30-10:00 a.m.  REGISTRATION
10:00-Noon       SESSION 1
                 10:00-10:05  Introduction and Welcome
                            Ed Engle, President, Ames Area Amateur Astronomers
                     Royce Bitzer, Dark Sky Preservation Section Leader, AAAA
                     David Oesper, Educational Outreach Section Leader, AAAA
                 10:05-10:45  IDA Slide Sets
                                 Dr. David Crawford, Executive Director, IDA
                 10:45-11:15  Progress Report on Full-Cutoff Lighting
                              Implementation at ISU
                                 Randy Larabee, P.E., Facilities Planning &
                                 Management, ISU
                 11:15-12:00  Defining and Controlling Spill from Large-Area
                              Light Sources
                            Joe Crookham, President, Musco Sports-Lighting, Inc.
Noon-1:00 p.m.   LUNCH
1:00-3:15 p.m.   SESSION 2
                 1:00-1:30    Introduction to the Issues, and Update on IDA
                                 Dr. David Crawford, Executive Director, IDA
                 1:30-1:45    New Outdoor Lighting at Wesleyan University
                                 Dr. Arthur Upgren, Van Vleck Observatory
                 1:45-2:00    Outdoor Fluorescent Lighting /
                              Occupancy Sensors for Outdoor Lighting
                                 Joe Lynch, Energy Alternatives
                 2:00-2:15    Update on Cedar Rapids Outdoor Lighting
                               Efficiency Task Force
                                 Doug Slauson, Cedar Amateur Astronomers
                 2:15-2:30    TBA
                 2:30-3:15    Roundtable Discussion of Outdoor Lighting Issues
3:15-3:30 p.m.   BREAK
3:30-5:30 p.m.   SESSION 3
                 3:30-4:00    Workshop on Outdoor Lighting Basics
                                 Dr. David Crawford, Executive Director, IDA
                 4:00-4:15    TBA
                 4:15-4:30    Discussion on Creating an Outdoor Lighting
                              Center at ISU
                                 David Oesper & Royce Bitzer
                 4:30-4:35    Trends in Sky Brightness Levels at Erwin W. Fick
                                 Dr. Phil Appleton, Iowa State University
                 4:35-5:30    SPECIAL ASTRONOMY PRESENTATION:
                              Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 / Jupiter Collision
                            Dr. Phil Appleton, ISU Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
5:30-7:30 p.m.   DINNER
7:30-8:00 p.m.   TBA
                 "The Messier Objects" - Sam Wormley, AAAA
9:00-Midnight    PUBLIC STAR PARTY
                 Observing Jupiter & the Messier Objects at the McFarland Park
                    Ames Area Amateur Astronomers
                    Dr. David Crawford, David Oesper, and Royce Bitzer
                    Van-to-Van Radio Linkup by Mark Hayes, AAAA

   You'll notice that there are some TBA ("to be announced") slots in
the agenda. If you would like to give a presentation on any aspect of
outdoor lighting, please contact us as soon as possible, or note this
on the registration card when we send you a registration packet (and
by no means required, but we ask you to return the registration card
we'll send you to help us plan the best possible meeting for you.

   We plan to have a lunch catered in, and supper will be on your own.
 You may attend as much or as little of the meeting as you like, but
we hope you will be able to attend all of it.

   Enclosed in the registration packet you will find a map showing how
to find the Story County Conservation Center.  It is easy to find from
I-35 as there are signs on the interstate, on county road E-29, and on
Dayton Rd.

   Because of "Odyssey of the Mind" that same weekend, motel rooms in
Ames will be scarce. We, along with the Ames Convention and Visitors
Bureau, will do everything possible to find you a room at a local
motel.  Some members of the Ames Area Amateur Astronomers will be
opening their homes to meeting attendees as well.  If it is not
inconvenient to do so, you may want to consider staying overnight in
Des Moines, which has an ample supply of motel/hotel rooms.  Here is a
list of local motels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts which may have
rooms available Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4:

* Ames Motor Lodge (515) 232-4315 * Barkley House Bed & Breakfast,
Boone (800) 753-8586 * Best Western Starlight Village (515) 232-9260 *
Boone Hotel, Boone (515) 432-9783 * Budgetel Inn (515) 296- 2500 *
Capri Motel, Boone (515) 432-7885 * Colo Motel, Colo (515) 377-2242 *
Comfort Inn (515) 232- 0689 * El Rancho Motel (515) 232-3732 * Green
Belt Bed & Breakfast (515) 232-1960 * Hancock House Bed & Breakfast,
Boone (515) 432-4089 * Heartland Inn (515) 233-6060 * Holiday
Inn_Gateway Center (515) 292-8600 * Hook's Point Farmstead Country
Inn, Stratford (800) 383-7062 * Lincoln Lodge Motel (515) 232-5464 *
ISU Memorial Union (515) 292-1111 * Martha's Vineyard Bed & Breakfast,
Colo (515) 377-2586 * New Frontier Motel (515) 292-2056 * Park Inn of
Ames (515) 232-3410 * Queen Anne's Bed & Breakfast, Nevada (515)
382-6444 * Satellite Motel, Grand Junction (515) 738-2455 * Shangri-La
Motel, Boone (515) 432-6220 * Silver Saddle Motel (515) 232-8363 *
Super 8 Motel (515) 232-6510 * Super 8 Motel, Story City (515)
733-5281 * Super 8 Motel, Boone (515) 432-8890 * Topper Motel, Boone
(515) 432-2500 * Travel Inn / Relax Inn (800) 444-8882 * University
Inn (515) 232-0280 * Viking Motor Inn, Story City (515) 733-4306 *
Villa Caruso Bed & Breakfast, Story City (515) 733-4940 *

   If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.  We are
looking forward to seeing you at what will be a very productive and
informative meeting!

Very sincerely yours,

David Oesper, IDA Meeting Local Organizer   Home Phone:   (515) 232-8705
1208 Wilson Ave.                            Office Phone: (515) 239-1038
Ames, Iowa  50010-5426                      E-mail: f1.dao@isumvs.iastate.edu

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