Reviews in Modern Astronomy 22

Deciphering the Universe through SpectroscopyCover-22.jpg


  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    Dissecting galaxies with quantitative spectroscopy of the brightest stars in the Universe
    By Rolf-Peter Kudritzki
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture I:
    Pulsations and planets: The asteroseismology-extrasolar-planet Connection
    By Sonja Schuh
  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture II:
    Stellar archaeology: Exploring the Universe with Metal-poor stars
    By Anna Frebel
  • Quantitative solar spectroscopy
    By Klaus Wilhelm
  • Metallicity and kinematical clues
    To the formation of the Local Group
    By Rosie Wyse
  • Probing dark matter, galaxies and the expansion history of the Universe with Lyα in absorption and emission
    By Martin Haehnelt
  • Hypervelocity stars in the Galactic halo
    By Holger Baumgardt
  • Schwarzschild modelling of elliptical galaxies and their black holes
    By Jens Thomas
  • Star and protoplanetary disk properties in Orions suburbs
    By Roy van Boekel, Min Fang, Wei Wang, A. Carmona,
    Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar & Thomas Henning
  • Molecular Gas at High Redshift
    By Fabian Walter, Chris Carilli & Emanuele Daddi
  • X-ray spectroscopy and mass analysis of galaxy clusters
    By Robert Schmidt
  • High-fidelity spectroscopy at the highest resolution
    By Dainis Dravins
  • Spectroscopy of solar neutrinos
    By Michael Wurm, Franz von Feilitzsch, Marianne Göger-Neff, Tobias Lachenmaier, Timo Lewke, Qurin Meindl, Randolph Möllenberger, Lothar Oberauer, Walter Potzel, Marc Tippmann, Christoph Traunsteiner & Jürgen Winter
  • Open clusters and the galactic disk
    By Siegfried R¨ser, Nina V. Kharchenko, Anatoly E. Piskunov, Elena Schilbach, Ralf-Dieter Scholz & Hans Zinnecker
  • VLT-CRIRES: "Good Vibrations"
    Rotational-vibrational molecular spectroscopy in astronomy
    By Hans Ulrich Käufl